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Season 13 Sets

Patch 5.2 will be introducing three PvP sets for each class as part of the new “Tyrannical” Season 13. This post provides an overview of all of the forthcoming Tyrannical sets, with links to each of their respective articles.

Season 13 stands out amongst recent PvP seasons, as it is the first time since the original release of WoW that there have been faction-specific PvP armor sets. The two factions have their own differently coloured Conquest Point outfits, with the Horde featuring red in all of their armor sets, and the Alliance featuring blue. Both share the same Elite set appearance.

It’s also worth noting that the method for obtaining Elite gear has been changed with Patch 5.2. Arena rating is no longer required, but instead you must now earn a total of 27,000 Conquest Points within the season, in order to unlock Elite armor.

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Alliance Sets (Item Level 493)

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Horde Sets (Item Level 493)

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Elite Sets (Item Level 512)

Note: Keep in mind that the above data is drawn from the Patch 5.2 Public Test Realm, and is subject to change before official release. We will update the articles accordingly, should any of the above become obsolete.