Tier 15 Lookalikes

Back in March we published an overview article for all of the Tier 15 Sets introduced with Patch 5.2 and the Throne of Thunder. In this post we highlight the lookalikes for all of those Tier sets, which are available as a combination of Throne of Thunder drops, vendor purchases and crafted items.

There are complete lookalikes for all of the sets, with the exception of the Druid Tiers, which lack a headpiece. There are also a few variations where, for example, a Tier robe model becomes a tunic in the lookalike, as is the case with Shaman sets. However, the majority of these sets are perfect visual copies of the Tiers.

Click on the thumbnails below to visit detailed articles for each of the sets.

Raid Finder Mode Lookalikes (Item Level 502)

Normal Mode Lookalikes (Item Levels 522-528)

Heroic Mode Lookalikes (Item Level 535-541)

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