Tier 15 Sets

With Patch 5.2 comes a brand new raid instance, the Throne of Thunder, and with that comes a new level of tier gear. This article provides an overview of the forthcoming Tier 15.

As with the previous two tiers, the Tier 15 items are obtained with tokens, all of which drop within the Throne of Thunder. Matching boot, bracer and belt models are also available from the raid, and as reputation-based vendor purchases with the new “Shado-Pan Assault” faction.

Click on the thumbnails below to visit detailed articles for each of the sets.

Raid Finder Tier 15 Sets (Item Level 502)

Normal Tier 15 Sets (Item Level 522)

Heroic Tier 15 Sets (Item Level 535)

Note: Keep in mind that the above data is drawn from the Patch 5.2 Public Test Realm, and is subject to change before official release. We will update the articles accordingly, should any of the above become obsolete.

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