Rogue Season 13 Sets?

Images for most of the forthcoming Tier 15 and Season 13 sets have been bouncing around online for several weeks now, and with the recent additions of the DK and Shaman tiers, only one group of class-specific sets remains hidden at this point in time. Appropriately enough for the class, the elusive sets are the Rogue Season 13 armor… but we may well have found them.

We’ve located three sets in the 5.2 Public Test Realm files which seemingly fit the profile for the missing rogue season rather well. The thumbnail links below will take you to individual articles for each set.

The three sets are all tagged as being “leather_pvprogue”, and the shuriken attached to the shoulders certainly fit the rogue theme well. Currently all three sets appear to lack models for the headpieces, but the remainder of the items are present.

A further hint towards these being the Rogue S13 sets comes from their colourations. According to Wowhead’s S13 Guide from late-December, many of the S13 PvP sets are tagged with “Horde” or “Alliance”, and most of those tagged are decorated according to the colour schemes of the respective faction, i.e. lots of red in the Horde sets and blue in the Alliance sets. This ties in well with the possible rogue sets above, as one features blue artwork, and one red.

We could be wrong, but these certainly look like the Season 13 Rogue sets to us!

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