Tier 13 Lookalike Sets

Tier 13 introduced thirty different class specific sets, three for each class (LFR, normal and heroic), when the Dragon Soul raid was released with Patch 4.3. Of those thirty, nine have visual copies in the form of non class specific lookalike sets, which we have documented below.

The lookalikes are visual copies of the item level 397 sets from the normal mode of Dragon Soul. All of the classes are represented, with the exception of the Mage tier, which doesn’t have enough copy items to constitute a set. Death Knight, Rogue and Warrior copies are complete, with lookalike items for all eight primary armor slots. The other six classes lack one or two pieces, but we have made replacement suggestions in our articles linked via the thumbnails below.

All of the items comprising these lookalikes are either drops from Dragon Soul normal, vendor purchases, or profession crafted.

Remember, these sets are not class specific, so any character of the appropriate armor type can transmogrify them!

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