Transmogrification Rules

Transmogrification is a feature added with Patch 4.3 which allows players to change the appearance of their armor and weapons whilst retaining their stats. Players may transmogrify their gear for a fee at either Warpweaver Hashom in Stormwind, for the Alliance, or Warpweaver Dushar in Orgrimmar for members of the Horde. Prices vary depending on slot, armor type and the item level of your equipped armor/weapon. For example, transmogrifying the appearance of a 378 leather chest costs around 18 gold, no matter what you change it to look like. Doing the same for a cloth chestpiece costs a little over 14 gold.

If you still have a question about transmogrification after reading this post, check out our 4.3 Gear FAQ. It may have the answer you seek, and if not, you can submit your question to us!

The following list outlines the current rules for transmogrification, originally posted by Kaivax [Source]. The list has been slightly amended to fit successive alternations made to the feature:

      • The character must be able to equip both items.

      • Only uncommon (green), rare (blue) or epic (purple) items may be transmogrified. (exceptions: a select few of these items will be prevented from being used to transmogrify if they are inappropriate)

      • Items must share the same armor type (examples: plate for plate, cloth for cloth)

      • Weapons can be transmogrified to one another within the following categories: Bow/Crossbow/Gun, 1H Axe/Mace/Sword, 2H Axe/Mace/Sword, Polearm/Staff

      • Daggers, Fist Weapons and Wands can only be transmogrified into weapons of the exact same category.

      • Guns, Crossbows, and Bows can be used to transmogrify Guns, Crossbows, or Bows.

      • Off-hand weapons can only be used to transmogrify Off-hand weapons, but very few of these still exist in-game.

      • One handed weapons can be used to transmogrify a Main hand or Off-hand weapon.

      • Using an item for transmogrify makes it soulbound.

      • Using an item for transmogrify makes it non-refundable.

      • Using an item for transmogrify makes it non-tradable.

      • Heirlooms and Account Bound items can be transmogrified.

      • Heirlooms and Account Bound items can be used to transmogrify.

      • Legendary items cannot be transmogrified.

      • Legendary items cannot be used to transmogrify.

      • Fishing Poles cannot be transmogrified.

      • Fishing Poles cannot be used to transmogrify.

      • Mailing an item strips its transmogrification.

      • Placing an item in Void Storage strips its transmogrification.

      • Vendoring an item strips its transmogrification.

      • The displayed enchant will be that of the currently equipped item.

      • There may be individual items that are excluded from being transmogrified on the basis that they were originally added to the game as absurdities. (examples: a weapon that looks like a fish, or a chest piece that is invisible)

A list of the so-called ‘absurdities’, items which cannot be transmogrified because they were designed as gimmics, can be found at our Transmogrification Blacklist.

The rules are still subject to change, as the list above was written during PTR testing, before the official release of Patch 4.3 on 29 November 2011. The list will be updated should any adjustments or additions come to light. Furthermore, we’ll do our best to keep track of items which are blacklisted from transmogrification, i.e. those referenced in the final rule of the list.

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17 Responses to “Transmogrification Rules”

  1. Fedra says:

    Why can I not transmog my Ruthless 2h sword, into the lvl 60 pvp 2h sword?

    • Noelani says:

      Basically, Level 60 PvP gear will not be transmogrifiable unless you have the appropriate original PvP ranks, i.e. Warlord, Marshal etc. Even if you had the ranks for the armor, you still have to buy ‘replica’ gear in Area 52 in order to be able to transmogrify that look. I assume weapons follow the same logic.

      I’ve described it in a bit more detail and with blue post links at our 4.3 Gear FAQ

  2. Sharkface says:

    Something that I’ve been wondering but haven’t tested yet – enchantments. If you enchant this hammer with Mongoose and then transmog to yer Stormhammer model of choice, does it retain the lightning?

    Baby needs sparky stormhammers to dual-wield.

    • Noelani says:

      It’ll show whatever enchant your equipped weapon has, so the only way to get sparkly stormhammers would be to have Mongoose enchanted on your combat weapon (as opposed to your ‘looks weapon’).

  3. Engywook says:

    I’d like to add a little thing here that might interest some of you.

    regarding: “Mailing an item strips its transmogrification.”

    I’ve tried this on my warrior and I can tell you she walks around with the DK shoulders and chest now 🙂 also I managed to transmorg my tanking sword into my Lava-spike I have on my warlock, sadly the 2h- axe didn’t work and I didn’t try the head and cloak, since it costs over 300g to transmorg those heirlooms.

    I transmorged the shoulders and chest on my DK and send them via mail to my Warr, the main sword I transmorged on my Lock and also survived the mail 🙂

    as proof you can see the shoulders and chest here:

    🙂 hope you like what you see ^^

  4. Neil says:

    So let me get this right. You grind for pvp ranks back in vanilla, you get exclusive rights to gear to transmog. But grind for god knows how long for a legendary, and too bad so sad?

    And the “main hand only mogs onto a main hand item” needs to go, PRONTO. I have several items I want to tank with, (ex. Seethe on my warrior with S3 and Barricade of Eternity) but can’t because for some reason a main hand sword that I will tank with in my (gasp) main hand cannot be done because for some dumb reason tank swords are not “main hand”.

    It’s unfortunate. Transmog should have been an easy grand slam, but stupid pointless rules are really dragging it down.

  5. Partypat says:

    They promised us legos and gave us mega blocks

  6. Dylan-Dyra says:

    So was going to tranmogrify my 85 vicious to look like the 60 pvp gear, but says i cant….. but it lets me do the opposite if i wear the 60 gear, i can make it look like 85, pointless.

  7. Someone says:

    The cost is actualy how much gold it costs to vendor that item to any vedor at 100% durabilaty, and legindarys are not useable looks because blizz wants too keep them unique looking.

  8. chris says:

    here is a question, If I transmog a set of hierloom gear “leather” for my hunter then he hits lvl 40 and the heirloom gear turns into mail, can I then transmog that leather look onto mail?

    • Noelani says:

      To the best of my knowledge, it seems that heirlooms which change armor type at level 40 are always considered to be the higher of the two armor types for transmogrification purposes, and cannot be transmogrified pre-40.

      So, for your example, the heirloom shoulders for a hunter would not be transmogrifiable into a leather look pre-40, even though they’re labelled as a leather item in-game at that point. Trying this will produce the error message: “You can only transmogrify an item to take the appearance of an item of the same type and slot”.

      You can also not use mail items for this heirloom at pre-40, as you can’t equip mail at that point, and trying so will result in the following error: “You must be able to equip an item to use its appearance”.

      I tested this on a level 31 shaman with the mail intellect shoulder heirloom and random uncommon leather and mail shoulders to produce the above error messages. I assume the same would also apply for the mail-to-plate conversion heirlooms.

  9. Demon Soul says:

    “Guns, Crossbows, and Bows can be used to transmogrify Guns, Crossbows, or Bows.”

    I thought this was a typo (Googled it to confirm), as Blizzard is very specific that you can only transmog an item to look like another usable items of the same type, and guns, crossbows, and bows are all different types of weapons…

    I have an awesome transmog on my main toon, first and only max level character, a Tauren Beastmaster Hunter. Even got a stable of 5 pets in the same color scheme (though I don’t roll with them often). Anyway I have had (for months) the bow that matches the gun I mogged my gun to look like, but I like the appearance of the bow much more. I am going to equip it ASAP.

    Thanks for enlightening me!

    That is something I have grown to hate about this game, they don’t actually integrate any kind of instructions aside from the very basics, the kind of stuff that would come intuitively. Get to something like the rules of Gemming or how transmog works and there is little in-game that explains much at all. A single sentence usually, and if you take it literally, you’ll actually find yourself doing the WRONG things some of the time. And finding these things out online is often less-than-straightforward, what with the constant changes to the game…

    Anyway, thank you for enlightening me, you made my day.

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