Stormwind Guard


Stormwind Guard

Armor Type: Plate (Transmogrifiable)
Level Req.: 63
Source: A variety of sources
Availability: Some pieces harder to obtain than others

How to get the set:
The tabard, formerly the most difficult to get, is now widely available as a vendor purchase. Additionally, a perfect replica of the shield has been made available since patch 4.0.3 and can be obtained from a quest.

It is not possible to perfectly copy the look of a Stormwind Guard, so there are several versions out there. This is just one example of how it can be done.

Head – Imperial Plate Helm (Crafted by most blacksmiths)
Shoulders – Imbued Plate Pauldrons (BoE world drop)
Chest – Imperial Plate Chest (Crafted by most blacksmiths)
Gloves – Talonguard Gloves (BoE world drop)
Waist – Studded Girdle of Virtue (BoP drop from Ghaz’an in normal-mode Underbog)
Legs – Imperial Plate Leggings (Crafted by most blacksmiths)
Feet – Imperial Plate Boots (Crafted by most blacksmiths)
Mainhand – Knightly Longsword (BoE world drop)
Off-hand – Maximillian’s Shield (Quest reward from The Ballad of Maximillian in Un’Goro Crater)
Tabard – Stormwind Tabard (Purchased from Captain Lancy Revshon in Stormwind)

Whilst not perfect matches in terms of colour, the following shields share a model with the one listed above:
Off-hand – Aegis of Stormwind (BoE world drop)
Off-hand – Shield of Darkshire (Quest reward)

This is how a Stormwind Guard looks in the game:


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43 Responses to “Stormwind Guard”

  1. Raukangren says:

    Shoulders most matching for this set would be Heavy Mithril Shoulders. Could be forged by blacksmiths for a mere 8 mithril and 6 Heavy leather. Much cheaper to get and much more lookalike for Stormwind Guard outfit.

    • ironyca says:

      The Heavy Mithril Shoulders are indeed of the same model as the Stormwind Guards, but not the same color. As long as there is no perfect match, what matches the best is a matter of opinion, like the article says “This is just one example of how it can be done”.

      I picked the other shoulders above, because of the fact the color of the Heavy Mithril shoulders are a darker blue than the rest of the set, and I thought they stood out weirdly.

      Kirinia’s version uses these shoulders, so it’s definately worth checking hers (and other’s) out when making up your opinion of how you prefer your Stormwind Guard to look:

  2. Raukangren says:

    Aren’t those are so much minor details? =)

  3. Judikael says:

    Side note: The tabard is MUCH easier to acquire now. Since 4.0.3, you can buy the tabard (and a matching cloak if Exalted with SW) from Captain Lancy Revshon in Stormwind for a handful of silver.

  4. Noelani says:

    Thanks for the nudge, Judikael, I’ve updated accordingly. It’s a lengthy challenge to update each article with the Cataclysm changes but we’re working our way through bit by bit!

  5. Veridex says:

    As of patch 4.0.3 Maximillian’s Shield is an obtainable exact match to the Stormwind Guard Shield. ( It looks great for so many of the Alliance NPC outfits!

    • Noelani says:

      Beautiful! Thanks for bringing that to our attention, we’ll get right on with an update to the article.

  6. Esan says:

    May I suggest a or a (well-used sword or Knightly Longsword)? They match more closely the shape of the blade in terms of its contours and thinness.

  7. Jack says:
    Knight’s Crest also has an alliance symbol on it… a very nice alternative Shield

  8. Anonymous says:

    is pretty close for the shoulders of the SW guard.

  9. Adaroy says:

    thanks for the shoulders, for a while i’ve been using the heavy mithril pauldrons.
    i still don’t understand why blizzard won’t release an identical set :/

  10. piekid says:

    Actually, an exact match for the shield has been available for a lot longer than 4.0.3. The “Aegis of Stormwind” is a world drop that has been around since 1.11.1, as has the quest reward “Crest of Darkshire”, though it is now unobtainable. Alternatively, “Shield of Darkshire” replaced the Crest in 4.0.3. 🙂

    • Noelani says:

      Aegis of Stormwind isn’t an exact copy, the colouration of those worn by the guards ingame is yellow, but the aegis is blue. Nevertheless it’s a small difference and great option!

  11. Baltherius says:

    I use Truesilver Gauntlets for hands, love the look

  12. Eulaliaa says:

    Can you get a set like this in red im trying to replicate a transmorgable plate version of
    Ive got items like Overlords chest,Imperial legs but cant find the rest of the set for plate

  13. Dudly says:

    Das *Aegis von Sturmwind* habe ich in der Verwüsteten Lande 2x gedropt.Dort bekommt man eine * Leuchtende Kugel mit eine(!) in die Tasche die man bei einem diversen Händler der außerhalb Burg Nether an Ruinen steht.Er tauscht dir dieses um in Equip (mit Glück bekommst du *Aegis von Sturmwind* (blau)

    • Noelani says:

      Approximate translation with additional info and links:

      Dudly found two Aegis’ of Stormwind within Emerald Encrusted Chest. The Chests are rewards from a repeatable quest, Kum’isha’s Endeavors, in Blasted Lands. In order to complete the quest, you need to find a Flawless Draenethyst Sphere which drop randomly from creatures in Blasted Lands, especially rare elites which have a high drop rate. The chests will drop random green and blue quality items.

      It’s worth noting that Wowhead lists the drop rate of Aegis of Stormwind as being only 2% from chests though, so you’d still have to be lucky to get it!

  14. RedManaH says:

    I think the best gloves that look close enough to a real guard are – Alternatively I use the imperial plate set this is my Armory –

  15. pallysrule says:

    i can not find a sword that matches the stormwind gaurd set any suggestions

  16. dehumanizer666 says:

    shoulders here are a nice alternative don’t look to bad but may take some time to obtain or

  17. sweet says:

    look i have the same gear as the REAL stormwind guard BUT a red recoulor looks axactly the same 😛 and i am not going to say wich set it is too awsome but i maybe could send a pic 😛

  18. tikyla says:

    I LOVe this set but i need a 2 handed do you have any ideas?

  19. Calcifer says: the Shoulders Ander Germain would be perfict for this can you plzz find out what they are and how to get them

  20. Sillicis says:

    Do you know if there is anything like this obtainable if you use mail items?
    Currently i’ve come about this far
    Which is (with some imagination) a tiny bit of a guard.
    I would like to know for my hunter

  21. Flameater says:

    I found perfect gloves, but no more aviable in game
    hope it helped

  22. Deadlyz says:

    You should try going with the real stormwind guards shoulders too, even though the line is purple it still looks awesome, also I’d like to show you my scarlet hunter Deadlyz-Outland EU

  23. Turtis says:

    for the Gloves use Overlord’s Gauntlets of the X (doesn’t really matter as long as its those)
    For the bracers, try the Ruthless Gladiator’s Armplates of Alacrity (season 11)

  24. Utecitec says:

    Jousters Girdle is also a great match for the belt.

  25. BoaZ says:

    All the imperial set items can now be made by a blacksmith. Belt included, still no gloves tho. Cost me about 1k for the mats. A nice alternative to buying the pieces for about 1k each.

  26. WoWer says:

    Use the whole Imperial Plate set. Not these shoulders, nice but the others match better. Also at Darkmoon Faire
    they sell replica. The Field Marshall`s weapons are the best.

  27. prof says:

    Heavy mithril shoulders are the best for this set.

  28. Tom says: Jouster’s Pauldrons are another option for shoulders.

    Also, if you really like cloaks, the SW cloak sold by the same vendor that sells the tabbard looks good.

  29. Sergejsvk says:

    I personaly prefer the set shoulders and belt, it gives a feel of an “elite” soldier.
    I use Rockwurm Handguards with a Stylish Blue Shirt and Knight’s Colors to finish off the look.

    A good alternate aliance themed belt is the Soulforge Belt

    How it looks alltogather with some extra aliace themed armor sets;24021:25942:27420:24457:24364:24458:28350:6384:15198:18876;30990:30982:30993:30997:30989:32245:30897:6384:15198:45233.-24364#modelviewer:4:8;24513;5;25749;1;24510;3;24509;7;24162;10;43684;6;24514;4;11518;19;31253;17;20080:1+0:0

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