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Patch 4.3 Arrives

The long awaited patch has finally made it to the live realms, with a whole lot for people to explore over the coming months. Although 4.3 is packed full of new features, being that we’re a site dedicated to WoW gear, we’ve focused primarily on the details of item additions and alterations, a short break-down of which can be found below.

You can also check out our 4.3 Gear FAQ, which tackles a few questions we’ve received regarding the patch.


Probably the defining feature of the patch, Transmogrification offers players a way to change their appearance whilst still retaining the stats of their more powerful equipment. Yes, gone are the days of masquerading as a nightmarish clown whilst levelling in Outland, of hideous transitions between distinctly different tier armor looks (hooray – speaking as a priest who had to mix turquoise T11 and orange T12 for a while).

‘Mogging can be conducted at one of two Ethereals, one in Stormwind and one in Orgrimmar, for a small fee. No doubt these vendors will be almost inaccessible for the next week as people gather around them and try to figure out what to wear.

Check our Transmogrification Rules post for detailed information on what can and cannot be transmogrified.

Dragon Soul Raid Instance

Dragon Soul is a brand new raid instance featuring 8 encounters, culminating in a double-length showdown with Deathwing himself. Interestingly, the raid also comes with a new, third difficulty mode, Raid Finder. On top of the usual Normal and Heroic modes that have been used thus far in Cataclysm, the Raid Finder is a 25-player only, cross-realm version of Dragon Soul, which has been toned down to be easier than the Normal difficulty setting. This addition means that there are three different level brackets for instance drops and Tier 13 pieces; item levels 384, 397 and 410, each of which have different colourations.

Class Specific Additions

As mentioned above, there are three different tier set colourations in Patch 4.3. Unlike the previous Cataclysm editions, all Tier 13 pieces will be purchased using tokens dropping within a raid instance (Dragon Soul), rather than having certain pieces available for Valor Points. However, the new Baradin Hold boss, Alizabal, will continue to drop tier legs and gloves, like her fellow inmates have in earlier patches. Some matching off-set pieces for the tier sets can be found within the Dragon Soul raid, but there are also many items available for Valor Points which copy or fit the item level 397 appearances, including BoE bracers and boots.

Season 11 ‘Cataclysmic Gladitor’ sets are also inbound with this patch, most likely on December 6th, although no official announcement has been made.

The following pictures represent the Normal-mode iLvl 397 versions of Tier 13, the rest of the sets are to follow soon:

Darkmoon Faire

The Faire will be keeping its usual time schedule, one week per month, but this time they’ve upscaled their event to take over an entire island, rather than just a few tents outside a city. There will be games aplenty and new mounts and pets to get your hands on, but also the addition of the first ‘Replica’ items to the game. Visual copies of Dungeon Sets 1 & 2 will be available for purchase with Darkmoon Prize tickets. Note that they are purely for appearance and have no combat stats at all.

Read more about the festivities and the new outfits on our article: Prepare for Darkmoon Faire.

Five-Player Dungeons

4.3 introduces three new five-player dungeons to the mix, acting as a prelude to the Dragon Soul raid, à la Icecrown Citadel. Located in the Caverns of Time, the three instances, Well of Eternity, Hour of Twilight and End Time, are a past, future and present journey towards the final face-off with Deathwing… with some new loot along the way. Over one hundred items of 378 iLevel are being added, split between the three dungeons. Expect to see some articles about these outfits soon!