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Prepare for Darkmoon Faire

Darkmoon Faire is getting a serious revamp in Patch 4.3 and today we got our first glimpse of what’s to come, as the Faire was opened for testing on the PTR.

We took the time to explore the monthly event in its new location and find out about the items on offer from Darkmoon vendors.
Here’s our guide to the new gear:

*Spoiler Alert!*

The updated Faire is littered with an array of new pets, mounts and a few token Darkmoon themed armor pieces for you to get your hands on, but the highlight from a transmogrification standpoint is without doubt the introduction of ‘Replica’ items.

2005 is back in Style

Replicas are BoE, stat-less, non-class-specific items which are exact visual copies of old armor sets, namely Dungeon Sets 1 & 2 aka Tiers 0 & 0.5, formerly from Blackrock Spire, Stratholme and Scholomance, which haven’t been obtainable by players since Cataclysm was released.

Sold by Barum and Baruma, a pair of Dark Iron Dwarves on Darkmoon Island, the new home of the Faire, Replicas retain the rare and epic qualities of the armor they are based on, so they can be transmogrified. For example, Replica Magister’s Robes and Replica Sorcerer’s Robes are identical to the chests from the original Mage Dungeon Sets 1 and 2, minus any combat stats.

Replicas, along with the other goods from the Faire, can be purchased with Darkmoon Prize Tickets which can be gathered through a variety of profession-based quests and mini games connected to Darkmoon Island. The total cost of each 8-piece set is 520 Tickets, broken down into 75 each for Heads, Shoulders, Chests and Legs, and 55 per Bracers, Gloves, Belts and Boots.

How long will it take to collect a set?

Right now is it difficult to say with certainty how long it will take to gather a full set, as it depends heavily on how lucky you are with finding Darkmoon Artifacts, but given that the Faire will only be active one week per month, we can draw some conclusions about how many tickets you can obtain from quests per event.
The five mini games (essentially daily quests) award 1 Ticket each per day, 35 over the course of a week. Primary profession quests add 8 and secondary professions 12 per week. There is also a weekly quest, Test Your Strength, which awards 10 tickets. The Darkmoon Artifacts are drops which trigger quests awarding between 5 and 15 tickets each, but the required items are seemingly rare, so we can’t provide any concrete information about those just yet.

Discounting the latter source, you can obtain 5 tickets per day, 20 per week if you have all professions, plus 10 from ‘Test Your Strength’. This adds up to 55 per Faire, in other words, per month, for the standard quests given at the Faire. If you’re able to find all of the artifacts, they add up to 80 tickets per month, bringing the total to 135. At this rate, it’d take four months for one character to collect an entire set, but it’s worth noting that, as the items are BoE, those who have alt characters will be able to speed up this process greatly!

We’ll keep the article updated as more information becomes available and when the Wowhead database is brought up to speed.

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