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WoW Factor Guest Judging US-Dath’Remar

The pressure was on as the WoW Factor team was called upon to act as guest judges in a last minute 300,000 gold transmog show, where we were tasked with handing out half of the total prize fund.

With just 24 hours notice before the event and a limited time-frame in which to do the judging, we had to be on top form to select the winners for the Sunday evening event on Dath’Remar US, our first show on an Oceanic realm. The event was sponsored and organised by Sqqualli and Vishii, both of whom are quitting WoW in order to focus upon Diablo III in the coming months. What better way to go than to throw a 300k transmog party?

In Keelhaul’s absense we were joined by special guest Caylena, who proved to be well up to the speed-judging challenge laid out by the sponsors. As always, the live stream video of the judging can be seen at Elvine’s TwitchTV.

Navimie walked away with the grand prize of 100,000 gold, as selected by Vishii. You can read her personal rundown of the show, including pictures and commentary on other outfits, at Dath’remar WoW Factor Show @ The Daily Frostwolf.

The screenshot at the top was taken by Çymre, who can be seen on the left alongside Navimie. Çymre has also written an impressive, picture-packed account of the show at Bubbles of Mischief.

Thanks for having us, Dath’Remar!