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Season 12 Sets Part I: Contender’s

This is the first article in a series of four, showcasing the Season 12 PvP sets that will be arriving in Mists of Pandaria. Part I focuses on the Contender’s sets.

            Part I: Contender’s Sets (ilvl 450)
            Part II: Dreadful Gladiator’s (ilvl 458)
            Part III: Malevolent Gladiator’s (ilvl 483)
            Part IV: Malevolent Gladiator’s Elite (ilvl 483)

There are eight Contender’s sets in total, each comprised of eight rare quality item level 450 pieces. The sets are not class-specific, but are infact crafted by either Tailors, Leatherworkers, or Blacksmiths, in the same way that Catacylsm had craftable entry-level PvP gear.

Interestingly, unlike previous crafted PvP items, this set is actually labelled as being a part of a PvP Season, with the green “Season 12” tag in the tooltip.

Each of the Contender’s sets fills a specific combat role, according to each armor type. The sets are listed below, alongside their role, and seperated by their respective crafting profession:

– Satin (Spirit Cloth Priests)
– Silk (Caster Cloth DPS)

– Leather (Physical Leather DPS)
– Wyrmhide (Leather Casters)
– Dragonscale (Physical Mail DPS)
– Scale (Mail Casters)

– Revenant (Physical Plate DPS)
– Spirit (Holy Paladins)

The Tailoring and Leatherworking sets currently require at least 590 skill in their respective professions, in order to create the full set. For some reason, the Blacksmith crafted sets only require 575 at most to create.

Note: Keep in mind that the above data is drawn from the Mists of Pandaria Beta, and is subject to change before official release. We will update the articles accordingly, should any of the above become obsolete.