Silksand Wraps


Silksand Wraps

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 39 for the robe, up to 85 with extras
Source: BoE & BoP drops
Availability: Gathering the BoEs may take time
3D Model: Wowhead Link

How to get the set:

The Silksand Wraps is a BoE world drop from creatures in the mid level 40s. There is one other cloth robe which is identical to the Silksand Wraps, the Everglowing Robe, although it is no longer obtainable.

Two potential sets of extra items have been listed below, to accompany the robe. Both use a number of Ritual items to form the core of the outfit, but the weapons and shoulders differ between the two, with those in second set being more difficult to obtain than those in the first.

Blood Elf Extras:

ShouldersDeath Speaker Mantle (BoP drop from Death Speaker Jargba in Razorfen Kraul)
WristsRitual Bands (BoE world drop)
HandsRitual Gloves (BoE world drop)
WaistRitual Belt (BoE world drop)
LegsBlack Mageweave Leggings (BoE crafted by Tailors of 205+ skill)
FeetRitual Sandals (BoE world drop)

StaffBloodfire Greatstaff (BoP drop from Aeonus in normal and heroic Black Morass)

Tauren Extras (where different from above):

HeadCowl of the Cleansing Flame (Priest only! Purchased with a token from Ragnaros in normal Firelands)
ShouldersMantle of Closed Doors (BoP drop from Baleroc in normal Firelands)

WandGwyneth’s Runed Dragonwand (BoE world drop from Northrend zones/instances)
Off-HandGoblet of Anger (BoE drop from Shannox in normal Firelands)


Lookalikes (Leather):

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5 Responses to “Silksand Wraps”

  1. Anoukisse says:

    I love the top outfit worn by the blood elf model. I like how the shoulders match the dress, and how simple it all looks.

  2. CoolBreeze says:

    Umm you have everything listed except for the legs btw 😉 great resource site tho 🙂

    • Noelani says:

      Thanks for pointing that out, it’s easy to forget to add the legs when making a robe outfit! Black Mageweave Leggings maintain the majority of the patch of skin for female characters.

  3. CoolBreeze says:

    Let me correct myself (oops) lol the top does comprise og ther robe BUT the actual matching seperate piece is Warchief Kilt Peace!

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