Heavy Mithril/Reaver Sets


Heavy Mithril/Reaver Sets

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 64 for the basic set, 80 with extras
Source: BoE & BoP drops
Availability: Easy to obtain the core pieces
3D Model: Wowhead Link

How to get the set:

The Heavy Mithril and Reaver are two sets of visually near-identical items. Heavy Mithril pieces are crafted by Blacksmiths of at least 230 skill, and the Reaver items are BoE world drops from Outland zones/instances.

While the sets have the same colouration and overall appearance, there are slight differences between them. The Reaver chest has sleeves, whereas the Heavy Mithril is a vest, and the Mithril boots and gloves have flared models around the cuff, but the Reaver versions do not.

It’s worth noting that the Heavy Mithril items are much easier to obtain, but that set lacks a belt and bracers. As such, you would need at least two Reaver items to complete this look. Neither set has true, reasonable matching helms or shoulders.

Reaver Items:

ChestReaver Armor
WristsReaver Bracers
HandsReaver Gloves
WaistReaver Girdle
LegsReaver Legplates
FeetReaver Greaves

Heavy Mithril Items:

ChestHeavy Mithril Breastplate
HandsHeavy Mithril Gauntlet
LegsHeavy Mithril Pants
FeetHeavy Mithril Boots

Human Extras:

HeadIrondrake Faceguard (BoP drop from Nazan & Vazruden in heroic Hellfire Ramparts)
ShouldersSaltstone Shoulder Pads (BoE world drop)
BackProspector’s Cloak (BoE world drop)

Two-Handed MaceDark Iron Pulverizer (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 265+ skill)

Night Elf Extras:

ShouldersGlimmershell Shoulder Protectors (Vendor purchase at Revered reputation level with The Oracles)

Dual-Wield One-Handed AxesNighttime (BoP drop from Bronjahm in heroic Forge of Souls)

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4 Responses to “Heavy Mithril/Reaver Sets”

  1. Dwarf says:

    I really like this one. I am trying to look for something for a Dwarf Paladin that is not too flashy, but represents awesomeness. This is well on the right track. I just wish I could use the not warrior restricted tier 10 helm from Icc in something you know..

  2. Trollface says:

    To be honest this is the best replica to stormwind guard armor just a different color i think you should ad it in the character section as stormwind guard 2

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