Human Flight Master


Human Flight Master

Armor Type: Cloth/Leather
Level Req.: 61
Source: BoE/BoP drops & Crafted
Availability: Challenging to complete
3D Model: Wowhead Link

How to get the set:

This article focuses on the gryphon/flight masters that can be found in various human settlements, such as Stormwind, Goldshire and Darkshire.

We’ve included three takes on the theme: the first is a roleplay flight master set, the second is a transmogrifiable cloth set, and the third identifies the specific items worn by the flight master NPCs in-game.

It’s worth noting in relation to the third set, that the NPCs cannot be perfectly replicated, as the distinctive chestpiece they wear is not available to players. There are, however, pants and gloves which match the absent chestpiece – the “Phoenix” items, which are listed below. Whilst flight masters do not wear these gloves or pants in-game, the items are still clearly reminiscent of this NPC profession. Without this yellow and red pattern, the outfits somewhat lose their connection to the NPCs.

Human Female RP Outfit (Cloth/Leather Mix):

HeadFlying Tiger Goggles (Engineer only! BoE crafted by Engineers of 100+ skill)
ShouldersDementia Shoulderguards (BoE world drop from Outland zones/instances)
ChestLaughing Skull Tunic (BoE world drop from Outland zones/instances)
ShirtGray Woolen Shirt (Crafted by Tailors of 100+ skill)
HandsPhoenix Gloves (BoE crafted by Tailors of 125+ skill)
WaistDementia Cord (BoE world drop from Outland zones/instances)
LegsPhoenix Pants (BoE crafted by Tailors of 125+ skill)
FeetBoots of the Enchanter (BoE crafted by Tailors of 175+ skill)

Human Male Cloth Transmog Outfit (pictured right):
Items are the same as above, except for the following:

ShouldersEmbersilk Mantle (BoE world drop)
ShirtYellow Lumberjack Shirt (Crafted by Tailors of 400+ skill)
WaistGrimgore Noose (BoP drop from Timmy the Cruel in Stratholme)

Flight Master In-Game (pictured left):
This list contains the exact items worn by human flight masters in-game, as well as a few very similar items. Dungar Longdrink, the Stormwind gryphon master, is shown to the left as a reference.

HandsDementia Gloves (BoE world drop from Outland zones/instances)
WaistDementia Cord (BoE world drop from Outland zones/instances)
FeetDementia Boots (BoE world drop from Outland zones/instances)

There are no exact lookalikes of the goggles and shoulders, but those listed in the human female outfit above are by far the closest available to players.

The chest is not available to players, and there isn’t anything particularly similar to it either. The legs also don’t exist as an item, but the Ranger Pants are a close alternative.

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