Robes of the Exalted


Robes of the Exalted

Armor Type: Cloth – Rare
Level Req.: 48 (85 with extras)
Source: BoE drop
Availability: The robe is simple to obtain
3D Model: Wowhead Link

How to get the set:

This outfit is based around the Robes of the Exalted, a BoP drop from Lord Aurius Rivendare in Stratholme.

The extra items included in this article are a mixture of vendor purchases, BoEs, and instance drops. The robes themselves shouldn’t take too long to get ahold of, but the various BoEs could take a while to appear on the Auction House.

It’s worth noting that the weaponry in the Night Elf picture is only available to members of the Alliance, and may take multiple weeks of instance farming to obtain.


ShouldersArachnidian Pauldrons (BoE world drop)
BackTwilight Cape (BoE world drop)
HandsArachnidian Gloves (BoE world drop)
WaistRuthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy (Vendor purchase for 825 Honor Points)
FeetArachnidian Footpads (BoE world drop)

One-Hand DaggerBlade of Tarasque (Alliance only! BoP drop from Icehowl in Trial of the Crusader 25)
Off-HandSymbol of Transgression (Alliance only! BoP drop from Lord Jaraxxus in Trial of the Crusader 25)

Alternative Extras (Blood Elf):

ShirtCerulean Filigreed Doublet (Sold by Karandonna in Dalaran)
StaffHydrocane (BoP drop from Viscous Fallout in Gnomeregan)


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2 Responses to “Robes of the Exalted”

  1. Rachel says:

    I used Lightning Infused Mantle ( for shoulders because I was struggling to find any of the Arachnidian set. Works quite well. Also Hands of Power ( might be easier to obtain, dropped by Quartermaster Zigris in LBRS.

  2. Medelynn says:

    For those looking to use a staff, the ancient jinyu staff’s teal/cream match nicely.

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