Off-Hands for All Weathers

A large number of stylish off-hand items have been introduced to WoW with Mists of Pandaria, and among them are a selection of fans which fit particularly well with the oriental theme of the expansion.

This article provides a quick overview of the seven different fans that have been added for casters, and those who require cooling-down on a hot day, as well as an Umbrella for the more rainy occasions.

The Umbrella is created via Archaeology, as one of the rare solves for the Pandaren line.

The fans have a more varied distribution, some of them being crafted, some raid drops and some quest rewards. Due to the changes to the Looking For Raid loot system, as well as the role-specific quest rewards in Pandaria, some of the fans are sadly not available to all classes. You can read more about these specifics on the individual item articles, as linked in the thumbnails above.

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  1. Chrth says:

    No mention of the Bone-Inlaid Fan, which inexplicably looks like a Turkey leg?

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