Umbrella of Chi-Ji


Umbrella of Chi-Ji

Armor Type: Off-Hand – Rare
Level Req.: 85
Source: Profession crafted
Availability: Potentially time consuming to obtain

The Umbrella of Chi-Ji is created via one of the new rare Archaeology solves added in Mists of Pandaria, following the Pandaren line of items.

Interestingly, the off-hand is Bind on Account, so it can be passed between all of your characters for transmogrification purposes.

It’s not yet clear which level of archaeology you would need before you’re able to solve this particular archaeology puzzle, but we assume it’s around 500+ skill.

Note that the upper picture shows the umbrella as it is held in a static standing posture, whereas the image to the right shows the umbrella mid-emote.

It’s important to remember that the former is the “normal” appearance of the item, so it won’t be too helpful if you actually want to shield yourself from any rain.

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