Theramore’s Fall

Theramore Isle has been bombed a day ahead of schedule and members of the Alliance and Horde are now able to pick up a series of new items, in return for their efforts to help or hinder Jaina and co.
In this article, we take a quick look at the more noteworthy item additions in the Theramore’s Fall Scenario.

Upon completing the event for the first time, you are awarded a feat of strength and a unique item dependant on your faction. Only the Alliance’s unique reward is visual, the Theramore Tabard. The Horde receive a Mini Mana Bomb gimmic item, but one might argue that the Horde don’t really deserve anything nice after blowing up an island.

Beyond the faction specific rewards, each completion of the scenario will award Spoils of Theramore. Much like the rewards for completing Seasonal boss events, the Spoils have a chance to contain an item level 384 headpiece, weapon, or intellect shield. Interestingly, the Spoils can be mailed between characters, but any epic items traded in this way will disappear!

The majority of the items available from the scenario are lookalikes of older weapons or armor pieces, but there are a few pieces with new colourations.

We’ve compiled a gallery of the new-look items below.


For the rest of the loot tables and further information about the scenario, we recommend you check out Wowhead’s Theramore’s Fall Guide.

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5 Responses to “Theramore’s Fall”

  1. Thummum says:

    The Golden Circlet matches the Glorious set better than the Glorious helm does. I hope I can manage to get it.

  2. Aronor says:

    Can anyone confirm or deny if the Tabard is avilable to Horde players through Faction transferring? I’d greatly prefer the Tabard over the Mini Mana Bomb, seeing as I greatly disapprove of the Horde’s assault on Theramore.

    • Noelani says:

      I’ve searched all over the place for information about the switch, and the following is currently the only firm conclusion I’ve seen. It’s not as definitive as a blue post, but it’s something at least.

      Quoted from Rentrenus on the US WoW Forums –
      Mini Mana Bomb and Theramore Tabard…


      I faction changed earlier tonight, from horde to alliance (BE to NE) – portrait needs to update

      I was actually hoping I could get both and surprise alliance players with a mana bomb in SW, but alas no, the minute I looked in my bags I saw the bomb was now a tabard.

      Also, I got a letter when I received the bomb, and I assume the same happens to alliance players (yes?), but I received no letter after completing the alliance scenario.

  3. Elientralla says:

    What are the items used for the archmage transmog?

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