Contender’s Revenant


Contender’s Revenant
Season 12 (450)

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 90
Source: Blacksmith crafted
Availability: Not available until MoP release.
Simple to obtain

How to get the set:

The Contender’s Revenant set is comprised of eight rare quality Blacksmith crafted items, and is intended to be entry-level PvP armor for physical damage plate wearers. Unlike previous crafted PvP items, this set is actually labelled as being a part of a PvP Season.

The recipes for each item appear to be vendor purchases, traded for profession specific items in the same way as Cataclysm crafted PvP gear. The Blacksmithing skill required to make each item is currently 575 on MoP Beta, although this may change before release.

There are a huge number of lookalikes items available for this set throughout Mists of Pandaria. You can view all of these alternatives here: Wowhead Hateshatter Battleplate (Recolor).

HeadContender’s Revenant Helm
ShouldersContender’s Revenant Shoulders
ChestContender’s Revenant Breastplate
WristsContender’s Revenant Bracers
HandsContender’s Revenant Gauntlets
WaistContender’s Revenant Belt
LegsContender’s Revenant Legplates
FeetContender’s Revenant Boots



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