The Future of Scholomance & Scarlet Monastery

As most of your probably know by now, Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery are receiving overhauls in Mists of Pandaria, similar to how Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep got a new coat of paint with Cataclysm. Layout, bosses and loot tables will be changed for each instance, and heroic modes for level 90 characters will be introduced. The key point of interest for this site is of course the loot – exactly how much are the drops going to change?

What’s the current status?

Back in early April, Blizzard Community Manager Zarhym addressed the concerns of players fearing the loss of many unique transmogrification items. He wrote the following (source):

We discussed this topic with the developers last week a bit. I don’t have any conclusive information for you, but they recognize there are a lot of cool items in SM and Scholomance, and they want to try and preserve those in Mists.

As it stands right now, this sentiment is not reflected in the beta, where a huge number of items from the original instances appear to be missing. It’s entirely possible that Blizzard will add replacements for the missing models, in Mists of Pandaria or even before release, but there are no guarantees right now.

Unfortunately, there is no official statement from Blizzard with regards to what will stay and what will go with the revamping of Scholomance and SM, so we can only really speculate based on experiences from MoP Beta. At this point in time, the two instances have entirely different loot tables to their original forms, albeit some of the new items reference the old in name. Many of the new items in the normal modes share models with Tier 12 and HoT heroic items, but we can’t say with any certainty if they are placeholders or the final products. Just a few items match original models, mostly weapons.

You can view the original and current beta loot tables at the following links:
Scholomance Original and Scholomance MoP Beta
Scarlet Monastery Original and Scarlet Monastery MoP Beta

What are we in danger of losing?

The changes might come with the pre-expansion patch, on August 28th, or with the official release itself, but as there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, we strongly recommend that those who want something from Scholo or SM do their best to farm it within the next week. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Below is a list of some of the treasures which we may lose. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it highlights some of the unique items at risk. Be sure to check the full loot tables on Wowhead for anything you might like to obtain before it potentially vanishes.



Alanna’s Embrace
WoWRoleplayGear Link / Wowhead Link

Unique colouration of this model. Sadly a 2% drop chance makes this the hardest of all items to farm from Scholomance.

Necropile Raiment
Wowhead Link

Reasonable replacements can be found for most of these items, see comments on the Wowhead link, but it wouldn’t necessary be easy.


WoWRoleplayGear Link / Wowhead Link

Looks like the Silver-Thread cloth set, but this is the only such leather outfit.


WoWRoleplayGear Link (incomplete set) / Wowhead Link

The set items don’t match too well, but the Bloodmail Legguards are a mail must-have.


Blue Deathbone
WoWRoleplayGear Link / Wowhead Link
The chest, legs and boots are from Scholomance. All three have visual copies outside of Scholo, but the chest and legs copies are quest rewards, so check if you can still complete those quests.

Black Deathbone
WoWRoleplayGear Link / Wowhead Link

Gloves, belt and boots are from Scholomance. No alternatives at all for the boots and belt and the alt gloves are not easy to get.

Scarlet Monastery


Robe of Doan
WoWRoleplayGear Link / Wowhead Link

The robe colouration is unique, but thankfully it’s got a very high drop rate should you choose to farm it this week. Mantle of Doan is available in other forms, f.ex. Felcloth Shoulders.


Tabard & Chain of the Scarlet Crusade
WoWRoleplayGear Link (Modified version) / Wowhead Link
It’s possible that the Scarlet mail items may go, so both moggers and gold makers should keep this one in mind, as some parts are BoE. The matching tabard may also disappear. On the plus side, even though the originals are likely out, Herod’s Shoulder and Raging Berserker’s Helm both persist as heirlooms.

The Status of Weapons & Other Items


We’ll update the article if and when we have further information.

Best of luck to everybody with their Scholomance and Scarlet runs!

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