Presenting the WoW Roleplay Gear Transmogrification Forum

After more than two years of posting articles, and the thousands of comments posted in response to them by you, our site visitors, we decided it was about time that we released a dedicated forum for transmogrification and roleplay gear in WoW.

Commenting on a post is a quick and effective way of getting a point across about a specific outfit, but it’s not necessarily an ideal format for individuals seeking advice or suggestions on their own outfits. The forum offers a way for our visitors to share their outfits, suggestions and opinions with one another, and to seek advice from a broader audience, rather than having their comments tucked away on a specific website article. It’s also a better medium for discussing the weekly WoW Factor events.

Registration is quick and easy, with users being able to activate their own accounts without need for administrator approval. Once you’ve registered you can get to posting straight away.

Here are some of our forum features:
        – Personal user galleries, allowing everybody to upload pictures of their own outfits to share with
          the community.
        – Transmogrification sections including each armor type and weaponry.
        – Additional sections for roleplay outfits, WoW Factor events, gold making and more.
        – Mouse-over Wowhead tooltips, to make item discussion easier, just like those on our main

If it sounds tempting to you, head on over to the forum and check it out!

If you have any questions about the forum, you can check out the Forum Info section or the FAQ, or post your question here.


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