WoW Factor Proudmoore Pride Follow-up

It was a WoW Factor Special Edition this week, as the team was invited to feature at Proudmoore Pride.

Proudmoore Pride is an annual cross-faction LGBTQ event on Proudmoore US, coordinated by The Stonewall Family from the Alliance and The Spreading Taint from the Horde. This year was the 8th successive Pride celebration, with a whole afternoon of activies lined up for participants.

The events kicked of shortly before midday on Saturday with a march across the Northern Barrens, with processions from both factions meeting halfway along the route to Ratchet. From there, all of the three hundred of so participants piled on the boat and headed over to Booty Bay for a busy and vibrant party.

The full duration of the day was livestreamed by Elvine, with the first part featuring discussion from the coordinators of the event and other members of the organising guilds. The second part featured the usual WoW Factor team, plus guest judge Caylena. We’ve also uploaded a photo album of the event to Facebook.

Proudmoore Pride – Parade & Party – Livestream Link

Proudmoore Pride – WoW Factor – Livestream Link

Facebook Screenshot Gallery Link

Proudmoore Pride Announcement Post

Once the party had drawn to a close, it was time for the WoW Factor to round off the day’s events with an Alliance-only transmogrification contest, once again at the Stormwind Cathedral. The initial prize fund was a handsome 100,000 gold, put forward by The Stonewall Family, but the total was generously extended towards the end of the event. A further 20k was added by Stonewall, 12.5k by Xtoonz, 3k by Daddylicious and 2k by Wonderman. All of the contributions were greatly appreciated, and there were so many excellent outfits worthy of a reward. Thanks to all who made this possible!

Competition Outline

The event was divided into two rounds, the first being the so-called ‘Random Round’, where we awarded multiple prizes of various sizes. In the second round, judges selected two characters as overall prize winners, before highlighting three more individuals as potential winners. The audience were then given a chance to vote to select the third top prize winner, with the two remaining runners-up being awarded smaller item prizes.

The prize total came to 142,500 gold.

Read on below for a list of the winners and a screenshot gallery of the top 3 sets and runners-up!

Top 3 & Runner-Up Gallery


Top 3 & Runners-Up

Round 2: Three outfits were selected as the best of the night and were awarded 10,000g each. Two runners-up were then awarded extra items as a consolation prize (30k total):

10,000 gold – Judges’ Picks
Ease (Plus 5000 from Round 1)
Rommié (Plus 5000 from Round 1)

10,000 gold – Audience Vote Winner
Kiarmshi – (Plus 4000 from Round 1)

Drayney (Talon of the Tempest plus 4000 from Round 1)
Krystalis (Two The Butcher plus 5000 from Round 1)

Random Round

Round 1: Selected outfits were awarded between 1000 and 5000 gold until we had expended our total prize fund for this stage of the competition (112.5k total). Names are listed under prize totals below:

4,000 gold
Guladian / Satsuri / Sugar / Tomu

3,500 gold
Arborphilia / Lladnaea / Orangemoon

3,000 gold
Barrelroll / Bourgeoisie / Cinestria / Handoftruth / Iseuld / Katoria / Leanbøw / Natural / Shåde

2,500 gold
Audrea / Ghelor / Schwert / Taelz

2,000 gold
Icefrost / Darknessbolt / Prostetnic / Raura / Rîchîê / Slugbabby / Wonderman / Zebadee

1,000 gold
Cagnazzo / Cassul / Ðemonrider / Jellynerds / Lüvely / Paldadin

Most Outrageous Outfit Bonus Prize (1,000g)

It takes some skill to intentionally create a set that looks that crazy and vibrantly coloured.

The outfit was so bright that some participants couldn’t even bear to look at it (see the image to the right). Well done, Ray!

Final Words

Thanks once again to the organisers of the Pride event for inviting us along, and to all of those who showed up to participate, we were very proud to have been involved in this year’s festivities!

If you enjoyed the WoW Factor Special Edition event on Proudmoore, we’d love to hear some feedback from you, either here or on our MMO-Champion thread. It’s great to hear from people who’ve had fun at our events and your comments can help us to continue improving the WoW Factor.

Keep an eye on the all-new WoW Factor Page, now including a detailed breakdown of participant rules, sponsorship and a list of future events!

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