WoW Fan Fiction Competition

Would you like a chance to win some fantastic gaming gear?
Perhaps you’d be interested in a customised figurine of your character?
If so, then why not try your hands at a WoW writing competition.

The competition has ended – good luck!

Our friends at Movellas are running a World of Warcraft fan fiction contest, with each entry having a chance to win one of eight prize packages. The top prize includes a gaming set from SteelSeries (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset & Mousepad) and a 3D replica of your character created by FigurePrints, like the one pictured below – a great way to have your favourite transmogrification/roleplay outfit immortalised.

The competition has rather an open format, allowing you to write freely about your own character and their adventures, or about the experiences of some of the many NPC/lore characters from the rich Warcraft universe. You can even stray out of the fiction genre and opt to write about your personal experiences as a WoW player. If you’ve never written a story about WoW before, this would be a good place to start – writers of any age and experience level are encouraged to enter the contest.

Participants may submit as many stories as they please, and they don’t even have to be brand-new texts. If you’ve written WoW fan fiction pieces in the past, it’s well worth your while entering those stories too, both as a means to inspire discussion among fellow WoW fans, as well as a shot at one of the prize packages.

           Click here to read more and enter

Movellas is a community website based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which allows all writing enthusiasts to share their work with one another. The site allows for members to read and write wherever they are, thanks to their downloadable stories and smartphone application.

The deadline for the contest is Friday 6th July – Good luck!

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13 Responses to “WoW Fan Fiction Competition”

  1. Navimie says:

    Noelani can I use your competition banner to advertise this competition to my readers? I’ll remove it if you don’t want me to use it.

  2. […] last night, as Laz and I were logging off for the night, I saw Noelani’s post about this WoW Fan Fiction Contest hosted by Movellas!  Then, this morning, I saw Navimie mentioned it […]

  3. Effraeti says:

    Hiya, Noelani!

    I am interested in the contest but I am trying to figure out what the deadline is, and how to submit.

    Thanks so much!

    ~ Effy

    • Noelani says:

      Hey Effy, the deadline is July 6th. In order to submit a story, there should be a green button reading “Join this competition” on the right-hand side of the WoW page on Movellas’ site. That will give you a pop-up through which you can either signup with Movellas, or sign in via Facebook.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other queries!

  4. Andalusite says:

    Can any format be entered in the contest? Like poetry? or just stories?

  5. Eraclito says:

    Crossposting from the Competition’s page 🙂
    I know that many stories have joined the competition, but I hope everyone will be given a chance, before the judging. I mean, I know that you’ll “read the most popular and find the winners among them”, but I still hope you’ll read at least the beginning of each story. Reading only the most liked/fav’ed will not reward the best ones, but those that have been submitted much in advance and the authors with the most friends. I don’t want to appear malicious, I don’t think anyone is trying to manipulate the results, but I think everyone would like that a friend of theirs will get a placement, so many votes could be driven by personal friendship more than real appreciation of the story.
    I apologize if I appear rude, I don’t want to offend anyone. Thanks for your time~

    • Noelani says:

      Hi Eraclito,

      I understand your perspective and I wish you, and all of the other participants, the best of luck with your stories. It’s clear that a lot of effort has been put into the competition entries.

      I should add though that we at WoW Roleplay Gear have played no part in devising the competition rules, and won’t be involved in the judging process either. We’re simply advertising on Movellas’ behalf, to further engage the WoW community.

      • Eraclito says:

        I’m sorry for my misunderstanding, anyway I just wanted to inform you (I don’t know why but I was convinced that even if they host the competition, you would be among the judges), hence my crossposting. My bad!
        Oh, well, anyway… In the last chapter of my story (the one with Notes and Credits) I linked sets pages from wowroleplaygear when explaining how the various characters were dressed in the story… I have a real passion for such small details. Thank you for your hard work!

        • Noelani says:

          That’s a really impressive story you’ve written there, and thanks for thinking of linking to us when describing your characters.

          Beyond advertising, we acted as advisors to identify suitable topics and prizes for the competition, but I believe the judging is being conducted purely by Movellas staff members.

          Once again, best of luck to you!

  6. Kaisumi says:

    I read and understood when the deadline is; however, I didn’t see a date given for when we will find out the results of the competition. Does anyone know this? Also, Do we get any feedback from the judges on our work? Or do we just have to wonder about it?

    • Noelani says:

      I’m afraid I’m not able to answer those questions for you, Kaisumi, as I don’t have any further insights to the inner workings at Movellas. Hopefully you’ll be able to get a response on the competition comment thread. Good luck!

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