WoW Factor US-Emerald Dream Alliance Follow-up

WoW Factor paid a visit to Emerald Dream this week, where we got far more than we bargained for.

Participant turnout was one of the largest so far at a WoW Factor event, with a particularly large number already in place well before the designated start time. After a brief but well-timed welcome in the form of a Horde blitz raid, the team swiftly took to their judging business in Stormwind Cathedral, joined by the special guest for the night, Caylena.

The initial sponsorship for the day, a total of 100,000 gold, was generously provided by Violent Apathy guild. Among the contributors were the hosts of the Stopcast podcast, and Dizzywick, the force behind fellow transmog blog, Dizzy’s Dressing Room. Stopcast recently featured Keelhaul as a guest on Episode #93, revisiting the story of how The WoW Factor came in to being. Stopcast co-host Bryter can be seen to the right.

Proceeding as usual, we gave out 70,000 from the prize total in the first round, but just as we were about to transition to round two, something entirely unexpected happened. One of the participants offered Elvine a further 10,000 gold to give out, in order to extend the competition. We’ve had several initial sponsors extend their donations mid-event in the past, but this was the first time that someone entirely new had offered to contribute on the go.

There were many excellent sets on the night, so we were very pleased to be able to reward more of the characters present, but it didn’t stop at 10k. Over the next few minutes we received in excess of 65,000 from more than ten different sponsors, dramatically expanding the prize pool for the night. Unfortunately, as it all happened so rapidly, with characters fighting to open trade windows with Elvine, we were unable to note the names of all of the late sponsors. Nevertheless, we greatly appreciate all of the donations received, it was a fantastic display of community spirit.

As usual, the livestream of the event with judges commentary is available at Elvinemod @ TwitchTV, although sadly there is no footage of the final ten minutes of the event.

Our Facebook page has a number of extra pictures from the event, in addition to the winner screenshots in the gallery below. On top of that, one of the participants at the event, Duffus, has put up an impressive and extensive transmog gallery featuring many Emerald Dream outfits.

Competition Outline

As has become the normal approach in recent weeks, the Emerald Dream event consisted of two rounds of competition. The first round awarded multiple prizes of varying sizes, as well as offering the chance for participants to change their outfits halfway through, giving them a second chance to win. Round two awarded fixed amounts to the outfits deemed to be very best of the night.

With the late donations on top of the initial sponsorship, the prize total came to 165,000 gold.

Read on below for a list of the winners and a screenshot gallery of the top 6 sets, plus a few extras!

Top 6 Gallery


Top 6

Round 2: The six best outfits of the night were awarded 10,000 gold each on top of any gold won in the first round (60k total):

Charax (Plus 5000 from Round 1)
Dizzywick (Declined a prize in Round 1)
Fumie (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Heliosphan (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Samhainn (Plus 3000 from Round 1)
Trigil (Plus 5000 from Round 1)

Random Round

Round 1: Selected outfits were awarded between 1000 and 5000 gold until we had expended our total prize fund for this stage of the competition (105k total). Names are listed under prize totals below:

5,000 gold
Bryter / Delicate

4,000 gold
Cliper / Lion / Muzza / Nyterayne / Ottavia / Vanlor / Xegoný

3,000 gold
Catholickme / Cetan / Cplmorgan / Dumaa / Eregil / Kinya / Kotze / Shamanesé / Skystaar
Temptatìon / Vahete / Vitomojo

2,000 gold
Edrav / Illandra / Inzo / Jonks / Knivz / Knivzette / Morgganna / Purriferous / Ticklebandit
Valkyrya / Vleon / Yasmein / Zyprexa

1,000 gold
Annalix / Battlepoper / Burneisha / Duffus / Mchooligan

Final Words

Thanks to all who attended and all who sponsored the event, we greatly appreciated seeing all of the outfits and were impressed with the strong community spirit shown by the many prize sponsors.

If you have enjoyed the WoW Factor show, we’d love to hear some feedback from you over on the US WoW Forums. It’s great to hear from people who’ve had fun at our events and your comments can help us to continue improving the WoW Factor.

Keep an eye on the all-new WoW Factor Page, now including a detailed breakdown of participant rules, sponsorship and a list of future events!

Other Resources: Emerald Dream Announcement Post

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6 Responses to “WoW Factor US-Emerald Dream Alliance Follow-up”

  1. Made an alt and came over to watch the event! Was a lot of fun! Mini-review here on my transmog blog:

    Thanks again, WoW Factor, for a great show.

  2. ED Player says:

    From what I hear it was a disorganized mess… such a piss off that almost the entire ED RP Community began plans for a Mog Contest to make up for it.

    • Ironyca says:

      I assume you weren’t there, but I can tell you that the only deviations from the show were the sponsor support by the people there, that has never happened before. The other was the fact that Elvine’s internet connection dropped before we could announce the last two winners, which was a hugely unfortunate, especially because Noelani and I are EU players, so we can only visit on trial accounts (can’t speak in game). We rely purely on the livestream to be able to communicate to you guys, so when Elvine’s internet cut out, we were completely crippled.

      Otherwise, everything went according to plan. We’ve not had criticism on being disorganized ever, actually, we’ve only been given positive feedback on this.
      I even went to read the ED forum thread again, but it doesn’t reflect this “piss off” you mention.
      So I’m not sure what to do with your rather unconstructive criticism.

      I am aware that roleplayers want to showcase their rp outfits, which is completely understandable, but it’s simply impossible for us to judge that fairly (plate wearers have a huge advantage), WoW Factor is and has always been a Transmogrification competition.
      With that in mind, if the roleplayers want to make up for the lack of rp attention, I think that’s great, go for it!

    • ED Playah says:

      Translation: you didn’t win anything so you want to post a nasty message.

      Ignore the boorish troll. The community was very pleased with the event and look forward to your return.


      • Ironyca says:

        Hehe, I figured as much.
        Sometimes it’s hard to take in the criticism which we can benefit from to make everything better for the next event, because the border between trolling and actual feedback is so blurry.
        Anyhow, thanks for your nice comment!

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