WoW Factor US-Stormreaver Alliance Follow-up

It was a double bill WoW Factor event this week on Elvine’s home realm. We’ll start off with a summary of the Alliance show.

Click here to read about Part II of the Stormreaver double-event: Horde side!

As Keelhaul was only available for the first hour, we continued our guest judge theme by adding Dibby to the panel, a three-time WoW Factor winner from Earthen Ring. Elvine provided both the live stream and the full 100,000 gold prize fund for the show.
With the team all set we headed to Stormwind Cathedral once again, as the destination for this week’s festivities. We use the diamond pattern on the Cathedral floor to mark out places for participants to line up neatly, but the organisation didn’t last for too long before chaos struck.

Everything started smoothly and it wasn’t long before we had highlighted twenty outfits as winners of our first round of competition. However, part way through round two a sizeable Horde raid came bursting into Stormwind and proceeded to jump around and fire off AoE effects on top of the event participants. At first we were able to continue with minimal disruption, but after a while the intensity of the spell effects was impacting both our ability to identify contestants and the quality of the live stream. In response we took off to Stormwind Keep, seeking the aid of the only one who could protect the show and the only other location with our beloved diamond floor pattern.

There was a moment of bliss upon arriving at the Keep, with each participant quickly finding themselves a place in a ring around the throne room, as shown to the right (click to enlarge).
It was a fantastic opportunity for screenshots, but the peace didn’t last long before the Horde stormed up the ramp after us. It could have been a disaster, but King Varian Wrynn, obviously a fan of the show, stepped up and slaughtered the Horde, leaving the room clear of threats for the remaining duration of the event. Thanks, Varian!

After all of the excitement of the raid, we were eventually able to select our top six outfits of the day and prepare to visit the very Horde who had just raided our event, for the second part of the double WoW Factor show.

A video of the full event, including judges commentary, is available at Elvine’s TwitchTV page.

Competition Outline

The Stormreaver Alliance event consisted of three rounds, starting off with small amounts of gold given to multiple players and ending with just a handful receiving the top gold prizes of the day in the final round.

The total prize fund was 100,000 gold, sponsored by Elvine (pictured to the right).

Read on below for a list of the winners and a screenshot gallery of the top 12 sets!

Top 12 Gallery


Top 5

Round 3: The five best outfits of the night were selected and awarded 10,000 gold each (50k total):

Aiko / Hôpe (Shared a prize – 5000g each)

Top 10 (8)

Round 2: We initially planned to have 10 winners in this round, but decided to split two of the 3k prizes into six extra 1k prizes for round 1. The following characters, as well as Sliverfoul and Ildesta from the Top 5 category, received 3000 gold each (24k total):

Barretta / Klette / / Morgan / Risna / Sunni

Top 20 (26)

Round 1: The following characters, as well as many in the above categories, received 1000 gold each in Round 1 (26k total):

Akyrra / Aralae / Cathroy / Deakyn / Joline / July / Karaxus / Kelliel / Kohiro Lenwey / Phlora Phonak / Played / Plutoh / Shizzelz / Sockmonkie / Valesira / Verse

Final Words

As always, congratulations to the winners and commiserations to those who didn’t receive a prize, we greatly appreciated seeing every outfit, even if we didn’t select them as finalists.

Thanks to all who participated in the event, and to those who helped keep the show running smoothy by answering questions in-game and on the live stream. A further thanks to Dibby for adding his valuable input as our guest judge for the week.

If you enjoyed the WoW Factor show on Stormreaver Alliance, we’d love to hear some feedback from you over on the US WoW Forums. It’s great to hear from people who’ve had fun at our events, it really keeps our motivation up for future shows.

Keep an eye on The WoW Factor Queue and our WoW Factor Events Page for more on future events!

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