WoW Factor US-Earthen Ring Follow-up

The WoW Factor team revisited Earthen Ring alliance after two months away. Did the realm have anything new for us?

Friday’s show on Earthen Ring represented a milestone for the WoW Factor project, most specifically Keelhaul. The 125,000 gold prize package that Keel had to put together was enough to tip him over the 2,000,000 gold mark – two million given away at transmogrification events since 4.3 was released. It was great to see that so many characters showed up to participate in the celebratory party. Congratulations, Keel!

With Elvine away on holiday for the week, we were back down to three judges for this event. Caylena of Deathwing US, a WoW Factor show regular, was quick to organise participants in Stormwind Cathedral (Thanks, Caylena!), whilst we assisted Keelhaul in his preparation to take on the duties of the live streaming for the night. The venue filled up quickly and we promptly got to work checking out the wide array of transmogrification outfits.

As the evening progressed, one factor that really made the show stand out from others recently was the calm atmosphere. The vast majority of attendees patiently stood in ordered lines along the length of the Cathedral. There was very little in the way of shouting, obstructing the live stream camera, aoe spam and all of the other usual troll tricks we see each week. We were very impressed with how supportive members of the Earthen Ring community were towards eachother and the event as a whole.

Among the highlights of the evening were the antics of The Phantom Legion, a guild who showed up in force with transmogrification outfits matching their tabards (pictured above). Not only were their outfits excellent, they also added extra roleplay flavour to the event when standing in formation and following drill commands.

We narrowed the pool of contestants down to just three in the end. Usually we would stop at the top three or five outfits of the night, but the Earthen Ring community was particularly keen on having a top mog nominated. We opted to have an ‘overall best’ outfit with a grand prize of 20,000 gold. As expected, the decision making process was far from easy and picking a single best outfit added a lot of time onto a show that was already running long, but it was a pleasure to see the crowd eagerly edging closer and closer to the stairs upon which the top three were standing, until the moment the eventual winner was selected.

You can follow the judges commentary at Keelhaul’s TwitchTV page, and as usual, we’ve listed the winners below along with a screenshot gallery.

Competition Outline

This week we divided the contest into four rounds, starting off with small prizes for multiple characters and ending a single large prize for the outfit that was judged to be the best of the night. In contrast to our usual rules, characters were not required to have won a prize in a preceeding round in order to be eligible for a later round. Beyond the gold prizes, Keelhaul also brought a few items to give out to deserving participants.

Read on below for a list of the winners and a screenshot gallery of the top 10 sets!

Top 10 Gallery


You can see images of many of the participants at Keelhaul’s Picasa Gallery, including screenshots of several characters not listed in our own gallery.

Overall Winner

Round 4: The outfit deemed to be the most impressive of the night was awarded 20,000 gold on top of any prizes won from previous rounds:


Intrigue was awarded the grand prize for completing an outfit unlike any we’ve previously seen at a WoW Factor event. Not only do the colours blend perfectly, but the items are from a variety of sources – by no means an obvious outfit.

Intrigue can be seen on the right side of the image above, with Elbicnivni on the left and Opreemaeldoz in the center.

Top 3

Round 3: The three best outfits of the night were selected and awarded 10,000 gold each (30k total). This includes the overall winner and the two characters listed below:

Elbicnivni / Opreemaeldoz

Top 10

Round 2: The following characters, as well as those in the above category, received 5000 gold each (50k total):

Ariadne / Cyndäl / Dibby / Edson / Mahaani / Slybow / Sopphira

Top 25

Round 1: The following characters received 1000 gold each in Round 1 (25k total):

Aquanas / Bjorman / Bloodwiser / Claude / Delenfer / Galadrien / Gvendalyn / Hajborn / Halorin Hodgewick / Jjlock / Msytra / Myssiani / Peskado / Selydia / Steadyfeet / Trëa / Tykus / Zubritha

Bonus Prizes (aka ‘Toys’)

A number of items were also awarded to characters as consolation prizes. Below is a list of the items and their recipients:

ElbicnivniNear-complete Lofty Set
GvendalynBlade of Wizardry
MyssianiChief Brigadier Set
OpreemaeldozGlorious Breastplate
ThysaniaSinging Crystal Axe

In addition to the above, Isolator chose to forgo an item prize, instead opting to spread the word about Earl Campbell’s Hot Links via the live stream. Best prize ever.

Final Words

Congratulations once more to the winners and commiserations to those who didn’t receive a prize, we greatly appreciated seeing every outfit, even if we didn’t select them as finalists.

Thanks to all who attended! We’ve received some very positive feedback about the WoW Factor events on the US WoW Forums. Such kind remarks and attendance at the events are really appreciated and keep our mogging motivation going strong.

Keep an eye on The WoW Factor Queue and our WoW Factor Events Page for more on future events!

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One Response to “WoW Factor US-Earthen Ring Follow-up”

  1. Galadrien says:

    This was the second time I participated in Keelhaul’s WoW Factor Contest. The first happened purely by accident. I was flying over Stormwind Harbour and saw all the community gathered and asked in guild if anyone knew what was going on. A guild member by the name of Synkai kindly explained to me. So, I detoured and joined in but didn’t expect to even get noticed. The second time I found out, I hadn’t seriously looked at competing as Transmogrification for me has been about having a choice in your character’s appearance and allows you to be as unique as possible. Honestly, I am still discovering what is available and how to go about putting together different looks. To me that is part of the appeal as well as every piece of armor being a piece of artwork by an artist who has been commissioned to create something unique. Keelhaul added another element to all of this with the WoW Factor Contest and I think it is a fitting tribute to all the efforts involved including Ironyca, Noelani and Elvine! It’s taken me this long to come back and leave this post. Imagine my disappointment if they had not continued after Keelhaul’s retirement.

    My Sundered gear is the set I won a 1000gold on April 21st at the WoW Factor Contest on Earthen Ring. OH, by the way, I just wanted to say that when I was being judged on the day I didn’t know I could be watching the live feed on ‘Twitch TV’ and my mate ‘Synkai’, told me what was being said and what to do in whispers!! (thank you Synkai!) I have enjoyed combining my Dragonscale Leatherworking with key pieces of Mail armour and as an avid pet collector and Beastmaster Hunter I like to incorporate the appearance of my various pets to my Transmogrified sets. For instance, I chose the Sundered gear because I am an avid PVPer and the pet I PVP with is ‘Loki’ my AQ40 boss pet, ‘Princess Yauj’ a female bug. Loki (the trickster god in Norse mythology) is a blue bug and the Sundered set is predominantly blue, all be it different shades with plates that give a scale like effect, similar to insects. Galadrien is a Night Elf hunter with pale almost blue skin and white hair. So, it all tied in and I think the judges thought so too.

    The WoW Factor winners on Earthen Ring just blew my mind! The effort ‘Intrigue’ made to achieve her winning set is inspiring! It is so thought provoking and it makes me want to go out there and look for a set that I could win the next WoW Factor Contest in Earthen Ring. I am looking forward to it!

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