WoW Factor US-Scarlet Crusade Follow-up

Last night was not only our first show to be fully sponsored by someone outside of the WoW Factor team, it also had the largest prize total to date.

It came as quite a surprise to log in an hour before the event on Scarlet Crusade was to begin and find dozens of people already gathered at Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar. This was in stark contrast to our event last event, on Latebringer, where the masses arrived after the designated start time. Apparently our sponsors for the night did an excellent job of talking the show up on trade chat.

In an unexpected twist, Arida aka the WoWMarketeer, the sponsor of this particular show, doubled the prize fund to 200,000 gold shortly before the event kicked off. This allowed us to substantially increase both the number of prize recipients and the value of the top prizes, over what we had initially planned. A huge thanks to Arida for putting forward such an impressive prize package and a further thanks to Astheria for helping to organise the masses throughout the course of the event.

It took a long time to whittle the group down to the top forty in the first round of competition, especially as many more great outfits were piling in to the room as the event went on. Thankfully the decision making process became easier in later rounds, once we’d had a chance to look at everyone in the tightly-packed room. We’ve listed a complete outline of the competition structure and the winners below.

The livestream accompanying the event was provided by Elvine, as usual. You can watch the full recording of the event along with judge commentary at Elvine’s TwitchTV page.

Competition Outline

For the Scarlet Crusade event, we divided the competition into three main rounds, starting off with a large number of characters winning small prizes and gradually working up to the largest prizes by process of elimination. There were also a number of bonus rounds which awarded prizes independently of the three main rounds.

Read on below for a list of the winners and a screenshot gallery of the top 15 sets of the night!

Top 15 Gallery


You can see images of many of the participants at Keelhaul’s Picasa Gallery, including screenshots of several characters not listed in our own gallery.

Top 5 (7)

Round 3: We initially selected five individuals to receive the top prize of 10,000 gold each in Round 3 (50k total). However, two of the these opted to split their prizes evenly with two other competitors who were close misses for getting the top prize. Great sportsmanship!

Deyvaen / Phaice / Swindlegrin / Velosta (Donated half to Lethallady) / Wyndygo (Donated half to Machinima)

Top 15

Round 2: The following characters, as well as those in the above category, received 5000 gold each (75k total):

Apparitionz / Azraellia / Flirtisha / Leafwisper / Spotdot / Whoopsimdead / Xanrus / Xrazus

Top 40

Round 1: The following, as well as those in the above categories, received 1000 gold each in Round 1 (40k total):

Araeana / Ashenis / Catapree / Cracklyngice / Daglioth / Donndon / Doolin / Drdew / Dulgrim / Euphorìah / Gusy / Hugrax / Icyhoof / Jubhuulai / Kyloria / / Mittisu / Piedar / Provision / Razzakai / Restraînt / Rédstarlight / Tathlyn / Taylorn / Tewcewl

Bonus Rounds

Characters listed below received bonus prizes, independent of the WoW Factor judges’ decisions.

Bonus Round 1: Selected by Gâsher, Starrxd and Saitharis of Absolute on Eldre’Thalas (Awarded 2000 gold each, 16k total):
Apparitionz, Lethallady, Phaice, Swindlegrin, Tathlyn, Whoopsimdead, Xanrus, Xrazus

Bonus Round 2: Selected by Arida and Astheria, the sponsors of the show (Awarded 3000 gold each, 15k total):
Azraellia, Euphorìah, Tathlyn, Taylorn, Tewcewl

Bonus Round 3: The remaining 4000 gold was donated to Xanrus, who will be sponsoring a future Scarlet Crusade event on Alliance side, in order to cover some of his cross-faction transfer fees.

Final Words

Congratulations once more to the winners and commiserations to those who didn’t receive a prize, we greatly appreciated seeing every outfit, even if we didn’t select them as finalists.

Thanks to all who attended! We’ve received some very positive feedback about the WoW Factor events on the US WoW Forums. Such kind remarks and attendance at the events are really appreciated and keep our mogging motivation going strong.

Keep an eye on The WoW Factor Queue and our WoW Factor Events Page for more on future events!

Other Resources: Scarlet Crusade Announcement Post

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  1. WOW! Awesome turnout and great show you guys! We all had a blast and look forward to you coming back some time soon!

  2. Pondy says:

    What cloak is Xanrus (Rogue in t1 recolour) wearing?Could anyone suggest other cloaks that would go well?

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