Spring Circlets

Spring Circlets

Armor Type: N/A – Can be worn by all
Level Req.: 1
Source: Vendor Purchased/Dropped
Availability: Easy to obtain during Noblegarden

How to get the items:

There are three different coloured Spring Circlets available during Noblegarden:

Spring Circlet
Black Spring Circlet
Pink Spring Circlet

The Pink and Black versions were first introduced in 2012, whereas the plain Spring Circlet has been around since the beginning.

All three circlets may be purchased from Noblegarden Merchants (Horde), or the Noblegarden Vendors (Alliance), at the cost of 50 Noblegarden Chocolate each. The chocolates are obtained by opening Brightly Coloured Eggs, which are scattered around the main towns in each races’ starting zones.

Note that the Spring Circlet has a small chance to drop from Brightly Coloured Eggs, but the other two versions cannot be found this way.

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