Brutal Gladiator’s Dreadplate


Brutal Gladiator’s Dreadplate
Death Knight Season 4

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70
Source: Honor Purchases
Availability: Death Knights only! Widely available and inexpensive

How to get the set:

The five items comprising the Death Knight Season 4 Brutal Gladiator’s Dreadplate are purchased from a variety of vendors, including the Legacy Armor Quartermasters in Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

Rather unusually, this set was retroactively added to the game, as Death Knights did not exist in the game during Season 4. This is the only example of a previous tier/season having an extra set for DKs added on at a later point.

The total cost of the 5-piece set is 805 Honor Points, broken down into 175 each for the head, chest and legs, and 140 each for shoulders and gloves.

The set is visually identical to the Warrior Brutal Gladiator’s Battlegear and as such shares the same matching non-set boots, bracers and belt, which cost a combined total of 370 Honor Points. This brings the total cost of the 8 piece outfit to 1175 Honor.


WristsGuardian’s Plate Bracers (Purchasable for 90 Honor Points from Legacy Armor Quartermasters)
WaistGuardian’s Plate Belt (Purchasable for 140 Honor Points from Legacy Armor Quartermasters)
FeetGuardian’s Plate Greaves (Purchasable for 140 Honor Points from Legacy Armor Quartermasters)

Two-Hand SwordBladefist Greatsword (BoE drop from Cataclysm dungeons and raids)


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  1. Ctarari says:

    Thanks for all of your lists guys. All of the tier 14 is ghastly so This looks like it might be the set for my DK (minus the helm).

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