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Seeing as there was not a WoW Factor event this weekend, we decided that we had the spare time to add a new feature to the site.

You may have seen our Gallery element in some recent posts, showing off the top outfits from WoW Factor events, for example the US-Lightbringer Follow-up. Well, as of right now, you no longer have to be a competition winner to get yourself featured like that!

After many requests for such a feature, we have added a submission form which you can use to send us pictures of your own accessorised transmogrification or roleplay outfits. As well as the picture, you can include your character name and armory link so we can give the appropriate credit to the character behind the outfit (technically ‘within’ the outfit, I suppose).

Submissions will be added to a gallery embedded within a related article. For example, if you wanted to add your own take on the Glorious set, your picture would be included in the Glorious page. For a live example, check out our Blue Bloodfang Recolour article.

If you’ve got an outfit in-game which you’d like to share with others, have a look at our submission form in the link below:

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6 Responses to “Submit Your Outfit”

  1. Scotthew says:

    Thanks for adding this! Looking forward to all the submissions.

    Note: The submission form keeps saying my Armory links are ‘Invalid.’ I suspect it doesn’t play nice with ascii chars.

    • Noelani says:

      Thanks for bringing that to our attention, it does indeed seem that ascii characters mess up the armory input.

      Whilst we look for a solution, I’d suggest the following workaround for anyone experiencing this issue:
      – Write something generic in the ‘Character Armory Link’ field (i.e.
      – Add your real armory link into the ‘Message’ box

      Hopefully that’ll do the trick for the meantime!

  2. Latrovir says:

    I know WoW Model Viewer is out… but can WoW armory screencaps be used? The pose my hunter has in it looks especially well-suited for the Tribal setup he has atm… but I’m unable to replicate the pose in-game afaik…

    • Ironyca says:

      Armory is fine (so is the character selection screen).
      Looking forward to your submission, although we’ll be a bit slower these days due to visiting family.

    • Tigry says:

      There is a program called Machinima Studio that works pretty much the same way as WoW Model Viewer… It’s a little more advanced though but it’s almost better once you’ve learned it.

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