Bloodspattered Set


Bloodspattered Set

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 16 for Bloodspattered items/80 with extras
Source: BoE world drops
Availability: Time consuming to piece together

About the set:

Bloodspattered items are BoE world drops from creatures between approximately level 10 and 20. Searching the AH regularly is probably the best way to locate them.

The set is too low level to have matching shoulders, so we’ve included a potential option in the extras section below.

ChestBloodspattered Surcoat
WristsBloodspattered Wristbands
HandsBloodspattered Gloves
WaistBloodspattered Sash
LegsBloodspattered Loincloth
FeetBloodspattered Sabatons

ShieldBloodspattered Shield


ShouldersMantle of Discarded Ways (BoP drop from King Ymiron in heroic Utgarde Pinnacle)
One-Hand DaggerDire Nail (BoP drop from Shade of Eranikus in Sunken Temple)


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