WoW Factor US-Arthas Follow-up

Attendance at the US-Arthas show was by far the biggest at any WoWfactor event so far, but not everyone was there to show-off gear…

Unfortunately, due to a lack of gold we were unable to host an event on Arthas Horde-side at the same time as our Alliance show on 16th March, but that didn’t stop the members of the Horde from being seen. A little before the designated 21.00 EST start-time, some 300 Horde descended upon Stormwind, claiming the city keep for themselves and decorating the stone floors with a carpet of bones.

You could practically hear the cogs groaning as the realm threatened to crash under the strain of such an influx of invaders, by somehow Arthas managed to stay up. Keelhaul was slightly delayed due to real-life issues and as such the start was delayed by close to an hour, but we’d like to extend our thanks to the Horde for ensuring that the waiting time was anything but boring, particularly Muxx for his raid organisation and persistence (Muxx’s video of the raid). Well done, Horde, you’ve earned yourselves a faction-specific event of your own in future!

The show itself was greatly improved by the addition of a livestream, kindly hosted by Elvine, which enabled participants and spectators to listen to our judging process and general commentary. You can watch the recording at ElvineMod on Twitch TV, with the event beginning at approximately 00.50 and a bonus three-quarters of an hour of the Horde raid before that.

A few level one characters even made the effort to journey from Northshire Abbey to Stormwind in order to check out the event, among them Tome of the Ancient, who wrote a blog post about her experience entitled ‘Dying to Know What They’re Wearing’.

Whilst it’s never easy to choose the winners, we were eventually able to narrow the contest down to the twenty-five characters whose outfits most impressed us. These finalists were awarded a combined total of 85,000 gold, with ten of those receiving the top prize of 5000 gold each, all of which was funded by Keelhaul. That brings his total to a staggering 1,780,000 gold given away since Patch 4.3 was released.

Overall Winners

The following won the top prize of 5000 gold each, on top of the 1000 they won from the first round (pictures of the Top 10 included beneath):

Alassea / Arsony / Benzine / Eliune / Knox / Lahkh / Peener / Raenlynn / Supergurl / Vione

Be sure to check out Keelhaul’s Picasa Gallery for many more screenshots of the event, including runner-up pictures.


Bonus Winners

The following characters won a bonus prize of 2000 gold, on top of the 1000 they won from the first round:

Eatsholy / Magebro / Sinistercut / Whiteflight


Each of the following won 1000 gold in the first round:

Cheatz / Däwn / Futhark / Ivra / Kioko / Kirianni / Manapoz / Rheni / Sanctustego / Speech / Wenll

Congratulations once more to the winners and commiserations to those who didn’t receive a prize, we greatly appreciated seeing every outfit, even if we didn’t select them as finalists.

Thanks to all who attended! Be sure to keep an eye on Disenchanting Azeroth and our WoW Factor Events Page for more on Arthas and future events!

Other Resources: Arthas Announcement Post

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4 Responses to “WoW Factor US-Arthas Follow-up”

  1. Morgan says:

    I have to say if these were the winners then I’m sorely disappointed. I see better and more unique transmogs daily on my server. I was expecting to see truly special outfits, things that a couple runs through MC,or a raid on the AH couldn’t have yielded. For all the work that went into this event it’s sad that these are the winners, Only one showed any real effort and that was Knox. I know I’ll be yelled at or this post removed for not being pleased with the outfits. I wish next time people put more effort into their end of these events that the creator put into his. Cause I know he deserves a ton of credit for all his hard work.

    • Ironyca says:

      I absolutely agree that Keelhaul deserves a lot of credit for his work in earning these large sums of prize money, but we can’t – and shouldn’t – dictate who can show up to the events and who can’t.

      There are several parameters to how we judge an outfit and we can’t purely reward effort alone. Only valuing effort would mean outfits containing heroic pieces would be considered more valuable and someone wearing a legendary is an automatic winner.
      What we’re trying to do is strike a balance between both effort and aesthetics, trying to point out where the creativity between the two lies.

      Knox has obviously worked hard to get his gear, but if you look at fx Peener, so has he. Even when looking at people who aren’t wearing epics, depending on the server economy, certain pieces of fx green gear can be hard to come by for various reasons. Just because it’s green doesn’t mean it’s always on the AH, the same way that someone sporting Sunwell gear didn’t necessarily earn it back when it was a contemporary challenge.

      My point being, evaluating effort can’t dominate the picture, we also have to take into account creativity and uniqueness.

      Ultimately your critique also strikes down into the question of who our events are for.
      Your line of reasoning leaves mainly raiders and PvP’ers into the pool of “worthy” participants. However, we want this to be a broader event where everyone feels welcome. There should also be room for the mogging outfits of players who aren’t decked out in epics, transmogrification is after all something players across play styles engage in.

    • Eliune says:

      I would like to say I put in a ton of effort on my part for my tmog. A lot of what I love about my tmog are the small details. I’ve kept a very close eye on these wow factor events, and I think that my entry would hold up just as strong on any server, I get many compliments on my many looks that I change almost daily. I would love to see what your tmog looks like Morgan.

  2. Chris says:

    Please hold this contest on Khaz Modan server!

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