Heroic Dying Light Sets


Heroic Dying Light Sets
Priest Tier 13 (410)

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 85
Source: Boss drops from heroic Dragon Soul
Availability: Priest only! Requires a full, progressed raid group to gather

How to get the set:
There are two visually identical item level 410 Priest Tier 13 heroic sets, one for each priest role:
Discipline/HolyVestments of Dying Light
ShadowRegalia of Dying Light

The five items comprising each set are purchased using tokens which drop from the heroic-mode of the Dragon Soul raid instance.

There are no perfectly matching boots, bracers or belt for this set, but we have made some filler suggestions, which are listed in the ‘Extras’ section below. Not that the image to the left does not depict a belt, only the robe model.

The following list highlights the source of each item piece, all of which can be purchased from Jamus’Vaz for members of the Horde, and Faldren Tillsdale for the Alliance. The sources are the same for each of the two Dying Light sets.

Head – Purchased with Crown of the Corrupted Conqueror, a BoP drop from Warmaster Blackhorn in Dragon Soul
Shoulders – Purchased with Shoulders of the Corrupted Conqueror, a BoP drop from Hagara the Stormbinder in Dragon Soul
Chest – Purchased with Chest of the Corrupted Conqueror, a BoP drop from Ultraxion in Dragon Soul
Gloves – Purchased with Gauntlets of the Corrupted Conqueror, a BoP drop from Warlord Zon’ozz in Dragon Soul
Legs – Purchased with Leggings of the Corrupted Conqueror, a BoP drop from Yor-sahj the Unsleeping in Dragon Soul


The following extras can be seen in the image to the right:

WaistMalefic Girdle (BoP drop from Terestian Illhoof in Karazhan)
FeetNetherweave Boots (BoE crafted by Tailors of 335+ skill)

Recolours (Priest-only):

Recolours (Non-class specific):


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