Faction Five Follow-up

The Faction Five event with Keelhaul on US-Tichondrius has now drawn to a close, so it’s time for a quick re-cap of the event.

Attendance was fantastic on both factions, infact it was the largest Horde turnout to a show yet, and there was a broad array of styles on display. There were so many competitors at the Alliance event that we actually ran over-time (sorry Hordies), but we had to make sure we gave all participants a good look. After a tough four hours of deliberating we were able to select twenty-five semi-finalists from each faction, who won 1000 gold each. Of those fifty, a further nineteen were selected to receive extra gold prizes, including ten top winners, five from each faction – The Faction Five!

Keelhaul will soon be hosting videos of the events at Disenchanting Azeroth, be sure to check them out to see the outfits and hear the commentary. He’s also added some screenshots of the participants on Picasa (we particularly recommend checking out Vavaboom, a fully transmogged miner!).

Winners’ Screenshot Gallery Link

Here are the names of the top winners:

Alliance Winners

Best Overall Boptarts (shown right)
Most Original Taeyeonlol
Best Persona Ârt
Most Unique Mãgùs
Best Use of Dungeon/Tier Killerglitz

Horde Winners

Best Overall Arümat
Most Original Vadgebendor
Best Persona Vavaboom
Most Unique Buster
Best Use of Dungeon/Tier Nocturnol (shown right)


Angel, Elisira, Exium, Foetis, Loochlafferk, Mythikas, Nashirah, Redriot, Serithos

Congratulations once more to the winners and commiserations to those who didn’t receive a prize, we greatly appreciated seeing every outfit, even if we didn’t select them as finalists.

We had a wonderful time checking out all of the transmogrification sets, although we felt particularly restrained by the limitations of the trial accounts on which we were attending. Both of us would have liked to engage in the activity a lot more, but were only able to communicate with those who whispered us first. It may have seemed that we were silently weaving between the crowd with nothing but the occasional name call for winners, but we were buzzing away on Skype with Keelhaul for the full duration of the event. On that note, we’d like to extend a further thanks to Amperjay and Lantanasham, both of whom were invaluable in assisting us in communicating with the audience. We aim to have a Livestream running on TwitchTV for the next event, so that participants and spectators alike may follow along with our judging process.

Update! Keelhaul has uploaded a video of the Horde event on YouTube:

Ironyca has also written an article on her personal experiences of the Faction Five event, in the post
A Transmog-Party Where Everyone’s Well-dressed – Except Us!

Thanks to all who attended and keep your eyes out for videos, pictures and more to come from the WoWfactor!

Other Resources: Faction Five Announcement Post

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  1. […] banner of The WoW Factor. For our first event as a team, Keelhaul sponsored 150,000 gold for the Faction Five on US Tichondrius Horde and Alliance, so called as there were five primary winners on each faction. […]

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