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We’re currently in the process of tidying up our sidebar, removing outdated links and adding new ones.

This is where you come in – we are very keen to find new sites that in some way or another deal with either roleplay gear and/or transmogrification gear. Needless to say, it’s an absolute criteria that the site is not purely text-based.

Here’s what we are looking for in particular:

Picture from firsthandtengen.wordpress.com

Sites and articles that accessorise, f.ex. by matching weaponry to tier or PvP sets.

Example: Transmogrification Journal 2: Paladin Tier-2 Judgement Armor by Tengen

Tengen has taken several paladin sets and gone through every imaginable piece of weaponry that matches. These are great guides for players who have the gear, but want an overview of what weaponry to go for.  If you have a website/blog and are dedicated to a certain class, consider doing what Tengen does and let us know about it. Likewise if you’ve run into this sort of guide, please throw a link in the comments.

We would like to include this sort of link into the respective article, as we’ve done with one of Tengen’s guides in our own Judgement article.

Please be aware that we are looking for something substantial, not just a picture showing an outfit with one set of weapons.

From rubylupine.blogspot.com

Sites that display transmog gear, but do it in a creative manner.

Examples: Ruby’s Riches and WoW : Fashion

We’re looking for originality, not just posting the sets Wowhead has already compiled.

RubyLupine’s blog, Ruby Riches, is young, but she has already put out some well constructed sets. She’s dedicated to helping players assemble oufits and she also takes submissions.

The author of WoW : Fashion, Susiemac, posts a wide variety of custom sets, and her blog is a dedicated transmog site, but she doesn’t shy from posting NPC sets and other fun bits. She has a bigger backlog to her site than RubyLupine, but both are recommendable.

We would love if some of you could throw some links to sites that are also dedicated to roleplay/transmog gear similar to what RubyLupine and Susiemac do.

From orcisharmyknife.com

Sites that take up certain transmog themes, but aren’t necessarily a dedicated transmog site.

Example: Non-Raid Transmog Weapon Compilation by Orcish Army Knife

Rades, the author, has put together a line of posts detailing nice looking weapons that are all from outside of raids. Rades also shows pieces that are of special interest, f.ex. Crimson Beholder Eye headgear.

Sites that go further and puts together whole styles of matching gear, weaponry, vanity pets, trinkets, mounts, tabards – everything fun and expressive.

From Drrum's Gallery @ www.fly-by-night.net/wow/thumbs

Example: Drrum’s Pets and Mounts Gallery

The above link is to the first page of Drrum’s Pets and Mounts Gallery. It’s a huge gallery which focuses on matching outfits with pets and mounts, lots of inspiration can be found here. Drrum makes a point of creating a highly aesthetic screenshot by placing a strong emphasis on the scenery as well the character and companions. It’s a very entrancing website overall.

If you have a website or know of a website that puts outfits into context to create a complete expression, please comment below.

Ps: If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s not a coincidence. Drrum had the honor of becoming immortalized as a pet seller located in Winterspring.

Sites that are dedicated to showing weaponry in general.

From deazeroth.blogspot.com

Example: Disenchanting Azeroth

Keelhaul, the creator of Disenchanting Azeroth not only showed pictures of available weaponry divided by category, but also did visual analyses of the types of weaponry. This way you could not only browse cool looking weapons, but also see how unique the weapon was and how many recolors it had. It’s displaying weaponry with a twist and has an interesting scientific angle to it.

We do not currently have plans to display weaponry ourselves, except very special looking examples or pieces that have rolepay potential. So if you know about sites that do go further, especially if they can add something extra to it like Keelhaul did, we would like to hear from you.

Do you know of a site that does not fall within the above categories? We’d love to see something new – Share it in the comments!

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16 Responses to “We Want More Links”

  1. susiemac says:

    Thank you for mentioning my little blog! It started as a little hobby but now I really like finding good looking sets. Sometimes I wonder if all my efforts are worthwhile and if it helps people. So a little recognition makes all the hard work worthwhile!

    • Noelani says:

      No problem, there aren’t many sites out there that offer what you do, so you’re well worth the mention. We started this site off as a hobby too, but now invest multiple hours into managing and updating it, so I can well relate to the satisfaction when someone finds your hard labour to have been helpful!

  2. Navimie says:

    Cymre from Bubbles of Mischief has some amazing outfits (though I’m not sure if she lists what items she uses for them).


  3. check my blog http://xmograve.blogspot.com/
    i’m a player of brazil, is a new webblogger.

  4. Jei Ieler says:


    I am actively working on this site; I only have my hunter up (and not all of that), and will be going on to my leather wearers and cloth wearers.

  5. PixiGlow says:


    Here’s my xmog blog! Hope you like it! I’ve been using mainly your site and wowhead for finding all my sets so far =) so thanks for having this site it has really inspired me! =)

  6. Bimini says:

    I’d like to recommend Cynwise’s transmog blog.


    • Ironyca says:

      I actually found this one just a few days ago, although I’m surprised no one contacted me on twitter nor linked it here until now.
      It sets itself apart with a new more personal angle on transmogrification and updates quite frequently. Thanks Bimini

  7. Ironyca says:

    Thanks to everyone who has commented here, we’ve now updated our sidebar links.

    I’ll be writing an update based on some of the new links, featuring a handful or so. It took a little longer than expected because we didn’t get/find much in the beginning.
    Expect it to be published around mid/end-March, as we have some news to post in the meantime.

    If you still stumble on a great site or have started your own, we’re always happy to hear about it!
    You can comment on this post or you can contact us via our twitter (@WoWRoleplayGear) or my twitter (@Ironyca). Don’t be shy!

  8. Honeypants says:

    Hello. I thought I’d post my little website. I have a handful mogs on there and what items I’ve used. It could be prettier and have more stuff but it’s a work in progress. 🙂


    • Ironyca says:

      Great pictures, you really put effort into not just the sets (of which you have an impressive collection!) but also making them appear their best in the screenshots.
      I hope to see more, I put your link on our sidebar.

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