Ironspine Set


Ironspine Set

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 65 for Ironspine pieces/69 with extras
Source: BoE world drops/Crafted
Availability: Time consuming to gather

How to get the set:

Ironspine items are all BoE world drops from mid to high-level Outland zones/instances, but we recommend browsing the Auction House before you commit to farming any creatures.

HeadIronspine Helm
ShouldersIronspine Shoulderguards
ChestIronspine Chain Vest
WristsIronspine Bracelets
HandsIronspine Gloves
WaistIronspine Belt
LegsIronspine Legguards
FeetIronspine Greaves


BackNether Cloak (BoE world drop from high-level Burning Crusade zones/instances)
ShirtRustic Workman’s Shirt (Crafted by Tailors of 400+ skill with Pattern: Rustic Workman’s Shirt)

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  1. Amaxe says:

    It’s a shame the female version looks so bad on a dwarf. Any other suggestions for a modest looking chestpiece that matches?

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