Lo’ap’s Set


Lo’aps Set

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 67
Source: Quest Rewards
Availability: Easy to gather in principle, but requires you to have not already completed questing in Outland

About the set:

This outfit is a compilation of quest rewards, mostly from Nagrand, which are visually identical to the Windchanneller’s cloth set. The only slot for which there is not a perfect copy of the Windchanneller’s outfit is the belt, but we’ve suggested a potential gap filler below.

Note that there are two pairs of gloves, one each for the Horde and Alliance, but the rest of the items come from quests available to both factions.

As the set is comprised of quest rewards, unfortunately you won’t be able to gather it if you’ve already cleared the quests listed below.

ShouldersSpaulders of the Ring (Quest reward from Murkblood Corrupters in Nagrand)
ChestLo’ap’s Tunic of Muck Diving (Quest reward from Muck Diving in Nagrand)
HandsCaustic Feelers (Alliance only! Quest reward from Solving the Problem in Nagrand)
HandsSmuggler’s Mitts (Horde only! Quest reward from He Will Walk The Earth… in Nagrand)
WaistLiar’s Cord (BoP drop from Rokmar the Crackler in heroic Slave Pens)
LegsShattrath Leggings (Quest reward from Special Delivery to Shattrath City, starting in Netherstorm)
FeetMud Encrusted Boots (Quest reward from A Damp, Dark Place in Zangarmarsh)


Should members of the Alliance have already completed the quest for the legs listed above, there is an alternative reward:
LegsLeggings of Telhamat (Alliance only! Quest reward from The Seer’s Relic in Hellfire Peninsula)


Same colour, different armor type:

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11 Responses to “Lo’ap’s Set”

  1. Cuty says:

    looks awsome

  2. endersblade says:

    Sadly, I’ve done that quest which rewards the boots long ago…sad panda >.> I have all of it but the boots. Running with Trickster’s boots for now, though they are not a perfect match.

  3. Epicness says:

    I Have done the quest but i deleted the reward so
    That really sucks but i have found an alternative
    for the pants ^.^
    They dont match perfectly but they work ^^

  4. endersblade says:

    Woot, I found a pair of boots that actually doesn’t look half bad with this! The colors seem to match and everything.


    So if you’re like me and did the quest back in BC, unable to get the true boots for this set, start farming Kara trash! It took me three clears (about 3 weeks) to finally get them to drop.

  5. Chrys says:

    Any good idea on a headpiece for this set?

    • Leylaa says:

      Phantasmal Headdress, which is a questreward from the quests Waste not, want not (alliance) and I work… For the Horde (horde) in Hellfire Peninsula

      Or Trickster’s Headdress, which is a drop.

      Maybe there are even more in the same blue/yellow coloration.

  6. Coma235 says:

    For my Monk Im using Headband of the Pouncing Tiger http://www.wowhead.com/item=89548/headband-of-the-pouncing-tiger

    Its matches with the shoulders nicely

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