Transmogrification Blacklist

Here’s a brief list of items which are not transmogrifiable due to being considered ‘absurdities’, even though they fulfil most of the Transmogrification Rules.

The list will be extended as we discover more items. Feel free to comment on this article with any items which you have discovered to be un-transmogrifiable and we’ll add them to the categories below.


Vile Fumigator’s Mask
X-52 Rocket Helmet
Don Carlos’ Famous Hat
The Twilight Trappings set – Twilight Cultist Cowl/Twilight Cultist Mantle/Twilight Cultist Robe
Hallowed Helm


Sandrene’s Invisible Vest (Alliance)/Sandrene’s Invisible Vest (Horde)


Ta’Kierthan Songblade
Cookie’s Tenderizer
Barman Shanker/Direbrew’s Bloodied Shanker and other bottle models
Steelscale Crushfish/Rockhide Strongfish/Dark Herring – no fish models
Oggleflint’s Inspirer
Long Redwood Bow
Shadow’s Edge
Mug O’ Hurt


Level 60 Rare PvP Sets and Level 60 Epic PvP Sets may not be transmogrified unless you have the appropriate ranks from the old PvP system, and even then you have to buy replica versions of these sets to transmogrify the appearance, sold by vendors in Area 52, Netherstorm.

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27 Responses to “Transmogrification Blacklist”

  1. Pascal says:

    Don Carlos’ famous hat cannot be used for transmogrification, either.

  2. Harrington says:

    The Twilight Cultist pieces that drop in Silithus can’t be used 🙂

  3. Faesong says:

    Shadow’s Edge cannot be transmogged as well. total BS.

  4. Vänquished says:

    Mug O’ Hurt also not available.

  5. Dylan-Dyra says:


  6. MicTank says:

    The Ta’Kierthan Songblade sadly cannot be used for transmogrification. Spent more gold than I care to admit to use that model on my fury warrior, only to be horribly disappointed by Blizzards stupid transmog rules.

    • Noelani says:

      What a bizarre choice on Blizzard’s part, especially since the Frost Tiger Blade using the same model is transmogrifiable. Thanks for the update.

      • Hyst says:

        This is because you have the rules wrong. The requirement is not that the item is uncommon or better, the rule is that the item must have stats. Why? Titans know. But I ran into the same issue with the Double Barreled Shotgun which set me back a needless 50g

  7. Nivella says:

    Like the vile fumigator’s mask, the forever lovely rose is also not transmoggable.

    • Noelani says:

      I left the rose out of this article as it has no armor type, which adheres to one of the core transmogrification rules set out by Blizzard. I’ve intended to reserve space on this page solely for items that are exceptions to the rules. Nevertheless thanks for the addition, it is true enough and unfortunate enough that the rose isn’t moggable!

  8. Neishkkah says:

    Starfaller, the lovely blue wand cannot be used. I was incredibly sad.

  9. Mspan says:

    The Long Redwood Bow cannot be used for transmogrification, either.

  10. Murlorc says:

    Oggleflint’s Inspirer cannot be transmogged. :/

  11. Chrigel says:

    The Spider-Splatter mace (the Pan with eggs in it) can not be used either.

  12. Mill says:

    I wish blood elf bandit mask and the spring tuxedo set was transmoggable. Was going to transmog my head heirloom

  13. Pikkel says:

    Haliscan Brimmed Hat?

    Nope =( Cannot be used.

  14. Cheranne says:

    I will like to not you CAN use bunny ears from easter to transmog select items.

    • Noelani says:

      Yep, it has +armor on it, so it’s technically eligible for being used in transmogrification. However, as it has no specific armor type, it can’t be used to transmog any combat items.

  15. anoukiaae says:

    I’ve seen through Mogit that the Silvermoon Robes (that drop off a rare mob in draenei starter zone) is not available for transmog, altough it has stats and is an uncommon (green) item. Can anyone confirm this?

  16. Töki says:

    Skycaller, much like Starfaller, cannot be transmogrified either, if I”m not mistaken.

  17. Tony says:

    Theldurin’s Fist can be used for transmogging. I did it on my warrior and it worked. I’d show you if I have screenshot.

  18. Xd says:

    I think that is so silly that they dont allow us to transm what we would like. At the end of the day why even bother with trans. You cannot really trans most of the cool things or fun ones. I really wanted Cookie Tenderizer for my pvp character.

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