Hour of Twilight Heroic Sets

Patch 4.3 introduced three new heroic 5-player dungeons and with them several outfit appearances that are new to the game.

The instances, End Time, Well of Eternity and Hour of Twilight, act as a prelude to the Dragon Soul raid instance and have nine new epic sets of 378 item level divided between the three, comprised of drops and quest rewards. Whilst they lack specific set titles, the items comprise distinct looks tailored to each armor type and spec, and use models previously unseen in-game.

Thanks to the new ‘Random Hour of Twilight Heroic’ signup option, it’s not overly difficult to collect these sets. Even though you can only sign to enter each dungeon specifically once per day, the random signup allows you to repeat the heroics an unlimited number of times per day. It’ll still take multiple hours of instance grinding, but at least you won’t have to wait on lockouts!

We’ve compiled articles on each of the nine sets, complete with information on how each piece is obtained. You can follow the thumbnail links below to see the individual sets.





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  1. Sophie says:

    just wanted to say I adore your site. Whereas I’ve always been totally sure and decided on what my main was going to wear from the start (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/terokkar/Elsen/advanced), I have no idea what to do with my other max levels – of which there are 6!!
    I’ve been noting down favourite outfits you’ve shown and displayed for ages and can’t wait to get them all mogged out soon – all thanks to you!

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