Hour of Twilight: Healer Plate


Hour of Twilight: Healer Plate

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 85
Source: BoE/BoP instance drops/Quest rewards
Availability: Time consuming to farm and requires assistance

How to get the set:

This outfit is comprised of drops and quest rewards from within the three Hour of Twilight heroic 5-player dungeons added in Patch 4.3: End Time, Well of Eternity and Hour of Twilight.

Whilst you can only queue for a specific dungeon once per day, the ‘Random Hour of Twilight Heroic’ signup option allows you to run these three instances many times in a day, meaning that you can obtain these items quicker than most dungeon sets.

Note that the chestpiece is BoE and that there are no matching bracers or gloves for the set. We’ve included a pair of gloves in the extras section below, which may help to fill the gap.

HeadHelm of Power (BoP contained within Minor Cache of the Aspects after defeating Mannoroth in Well of Eternity, at a 10% drop rate)
ShouldersPauldrons of Conviction (BoP drop from Archbishop Benedictus in Hour of Twilight, at a 10% drop rate)
ChestBreastplate of Despair (BoE drop from random trash in End Time)
WaistWaistguard of Lost Time (BoP drop from any of the four Echo bosses in End Time, at a 5% drop rate from each (two of the four Echoes spawn per instance))
LegsTime Altered Legguards (BoP contained within Murozond’s Temporal Cache after defeating Murozond in End Time, at an 11% drop rate)
FeetBoots of the Treacherous Path (Quest reward from The Path to the Dragon Soul in Well of Eternity)


GlovesHardened Obsidium Gauntlets (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 425+ skill)


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6 Responses to “Hour of Twilight: Healer Plate”

  1. I’ve been looking to complete the blue/gold plate set from the Hour of Twilight heroics and couldn’t find any good gloves. Then I stumbled upon a pretty darn good match with the Gauntlets of the Bold dropped by Warlord Kalithresh in The Steamvault over in Outland.

    They match almost perfect, and are a better color match than the Hardened Obsidium Gauntlets if anyone is looking for an alternative option.

  2. Phaedros says:

    Another good alternative for the gloves are the Baleheim/Grizzlemaw plate gloves out of Wrath. They green world drops, so you may need to watch the AH for a while, but IMHO they are the best match I’ve seen.

  3. Mr. Walshman says:

    So I really want this set, but realized this way to late and missed my chances to get the boots.

    Is there still a way I can get them? And if not, any good suggestions on substitutes?

  4. Cassaton says:

    If you’re looking for a 1H weapon to go with this set, try the Dragonshrine Sceptre from the End Time heroic, at a 4% drop from each Echo boss in the instance. Also goes well with the spirit shield from Echo of Jaine.

    Will be keeping this set over the tier stuff, it looks do….dragon-y 🙂

  5. Saerris says:

    Gauntlets of the Bold for gloves are a perfect match.


    For those that use shields with this set, the caster shield from Jaina Proudmoore in End Time is perfect as well.


    Good cloak for this is Devilshark Cape from the same instance you get the gloves listed above in.


    Finally, to round the extras for this set off, a Blue Workman’s Shirt from a tailor. Perfect color match that blends in wonderfully with the armor.

    I use this combo with my Holy Paladin on his transmog set and get so many compliments. Hope my suggestions help!

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