4.3 Gear FAQ

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding gear changes and additions in Patch 4.3, so we’ve put together a small FAQ in order to tackle them.

If you have a question regarding gear in Patch 4.3, you’re welcome to submit it by commenting on this post, or by emailing Noelani (contact details on our About page). We’ll do our best to respond to everything (and do our best to answer accurately)!

Are ‘Replica’ items from Darkmoon Faire transmogrifiable?

Yes they are, we tested it out in-game. They’re also BoE and not class specific, so you can use multiple characters to speed up your collecting process, and can buy/sell them.

Will Tier 3 be making a come-back?

Sadly not, or at least not yet. When Transmogrification was first announced, Kaivax commented with the following statement,

“We would like to offer some alternative ways to get favorite items that are no longer available…not every favorite item will be immediately available at launch. But we’ll keep a list of items that get requested by the players and work to get them in someday.”

Numerous threads sprung up with suggestions and Tier 3 featured greatly among the requests. As such, we can’t rule out Tier 3 just yet, it may be a later addition to the feature.

Are Season 3 sets available for purchase again?

Yes, Season 3 armor and weapons were re-introduced in 4.3, after more than 3 years absence. All of them can be purchased with Honor Points, from Kezzik the Striker in Area 52, Netherstorm. The head, chest and legs cost 1000 honor each, the shoulders and gloves 750.

Has the availability of Vindicator’s off-set pieces which matched Season 3 changed?

Vindicator’s pieces still are only available by trading in Tier 6 tokens on the Isle of Quel’Danas. They’re not currently available for honor, unlike the extras from Seasons 2 & 4.

Are the off-set items (Belts/Boots/Bracers) that match Season 1 Gladiator sets available once more?

They haven’t been added back into the game yet, and there’s no evidence to suggest if and when they might return.

Why can’t I use my level 60 PvP items (f.ex. Marshal’s & Warlord’s) for transmogrification?

It was recently announced by Bashiok that level 60 PvP sets are un-transmogrifiable. Instead, replica versions of these items have been added to vendors in Area 52, which will only be transmogrifiable by characters that have obtained the feats of strength for the Legionnaire/Knight-Captain ranks and higher, from the old PvP system.

This essentially means that those who own the original sets will never be able to transmogrify them, but the appearance will be available, via the replicas, to those with the appropriate PvP ranks. The issue is rather complicated and has drawn a large amount of criticism, so this system may yet change again. Check this thread for further details.

How do enchanting effects work with transmogrification?

Transmogrification will normally apply the enchant glow of your equipped weapon onto your chosen weapon appearance. The exception to this is if the source weapon, the one which is supplying the visual appearance, has a passive glow/effect on it before having been enchanted.

What about the so called ‘absurdities’, which items are exempt from transmogrification?

We’ve already found a considerable amount of items which cannot be transmogrified under the ‘silly’ or ‘absurd’ category, and there are no doubt many more which we don’t yet know about.

Among the most queried is the infamous Sandrene’s Invisible Vest (Alliance) / Sandrene’s Invisible Vest (Horde), which is, somewhat unsurprisingly, not a viable look for transmogrification. The various fish weapons are also out of the picture, no doubt to spare people the embarrassment of being double-carp slapped to death in battlegrounds.

To the disappointment of many, the Forever Lovely Rose and the other, more gruesome headpiece from the ‘Love is in the Air’ festival, Vile Fumigator’s Mask, are both un-transmogrifiable.

We will endeavour to create a Blacklist of un-transmogrifiable items which, even though they adhere to most ‘mogging guidelines, fall at the hurdle of the ‘absurdities rule’. The list will be added to our Transmogrification Rules article when we’ve compiled enough information.

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  1. skillya says:

    Oh yeah! I’ve updated my personal list of nice hunter stuff. Hope this time it will be final 😉

    Thank you for the clarifications (PvP part especially).

    Kind regards,

    PS Love your blog! Keep it up!

  2. marblex says:

    Gaah! Cookie’s Rolling Pin is NOT moggable


  3. Razzle says:

    The Barman Shanker from BRD is not moggable. One of the first things I tried!

  4. Samuel says:

    double karp slaped to death xD would be funny! 😀

  5. Nathanyel says:

    psst, Vindicator’s is S4, not S3 😉 S3 offset is purchasable with JP.

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