Fel Leather


Fel Leather

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 69
Source: A mix of crafted BoEs, BoPs and BoE drops
Availability: The chestpiece if for leatherworkers only. Furthermore, due to the variety of sources, this set will likely take a lot of searching to complete

How to get the set:
There are three Fel Leather items in total, crafted by Leatherworkers of 350+ skill using vendor purchased patterns. The patterns require a certain reputation level with the Consortium faction before they are available to buy.

We’ve listed a number of items which match the appearance of the set, although it’s worth noting that unfortunately the chestpiece is only available to Leatherworkers.

GlovesFel Leather Gloves (BoE created with Pattern: Fel Leather Gloves, available at Friendly reputation with Consortium)
LegsFel Leather Leggings (BoE created with Pattern: Fel Leather Leggings, available at Revered reputation with Consortium)
FeetFel Leather Boots (BoE created with Pattern: Fel Leather Gloves, available at Honored reputation with Consortium)


ShouldersBonechewer Shoulderguards (BoE Outland world drop)
ChestPrimalstorm Breastplate (BoP Leatherworker crafted at 330+ skill)
WristsIllidari Bracers (BoE drop from Ambassador Jerrikar, a rarespawn in Shadowmoon Valley)


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4 Responses to “Fel Leather”

  1. Aeidon of Wyrmrest Accord (US) says:

    The Windchanneller’s “set” is a blue cloth recolor of this outfit.

  2. Deppi says:

    Killed a HUGE number of Infernal Warbringers for the shoulders, but I’m really happy with the finished look. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Essylt of MG says:

    Blacksting Gloves are a lovely match for this set.

  4. Avey says:

    other partial recolours would be the primalstrike chest/bracers/belt, retainers pants…which are purple (dunno if there’s more to the set), and the wild draenish which is…tan, but again, not a whole set.

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