Enchanted Thorium


Enchanted Thorium

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 62
Source: BoE drops, Blacksmith crafted items and a single instance BoP
Availability: Due to the wide array of sources, this set may take a while to compile

How to get the set:

This outfit is rather a diverse mix, with pieces plucked from a variety of other sets in order to compliment the Enchanted Thorium pieces. All parts are BoE, so checking the Auction House is probably your best bet, although with the Blacksmithing items, you may be better off tracking down a crafter rather than waiting.

If you’re gathering the set for transmogrification, you can skip the bracers as they don’t show. However, they are a perfect match for the set if you plan to wear it for roleplaying.

ShouldersLofty Shoulder Pads (BoE world drop)
ChestEnchanted Thorium Breastplate (Crafted by Blacksmiths of 300+ skill with Plans: Enchanted Thorium Breastplate)
WristsBlack Steel Bindings (BoP contained within Hidden Strongbox and Secret Safe in Blackrock Depths)
GlovesStonegrip Gauntlets (BoE world drop)
WaistSunscale Belt (BoE world drop)
LegsEnchanted Thorium Leggings (Crafted by Blacksmiths of 300+ skill with Plans: Enchanted Thorium Leggings)
FeetGrim Sabatons (BoE drop from Doomsayer Jurim, a rare-spawn in Terokkar Forest)

MaceThe Shatterer (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 260+ skill)
ShieldKhan’s Buckler (BoE world drop)



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61 Responses to “Enchanted Thorium”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is an excellent looking mix for a set. Might I also suggest this shield as an option: http://www.wowhead.com/item=40266

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful set, but I wish there was an easier way to get the enchanted thorium since finding someone that can craft the pieces is hard.

    However I’ve found that http://www.wowhead.com/item=31519 looks exactly like the Enchanted Thorium Leggings, I’ve yet to find a copy of the chest-piece though..

  3. Roland says:

    For the males that want to wear this set, can you suggest a shirt that would match the charcoal grey of the pants and/or gloves? Thanks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The quest to obtain the plans to make the Enchanted Thorium pieces is obsolete and can not be obtained or completed. Good luck finding a blacksmith for this. Sadly many of the sets depicted on this site contain bits that are woefully hard, if not down right impossible, to obtain now. It’s simply shopping in the JC Penny’s Catalogue c. 1890.

    • Noelani says:

      And that’s what makes you stand out if you are able to complete one of the sets, after all, most people like to make a statement with their clothing and not fade into the homogeneity of class specific tier and pvp sets.

      • Anonymous says:

        You should make it clear in these “it may take a while” statements the true nature of potential obtainability. You are just playing dress up barbie with a model viewer pulling items from an mpq file, let’s see your character in some of these sets, in game pics. Maybe in a few years?

        • Noelani says:

          I think you’re vastly exaggerating the difficulty across the broad scope of this site. Sure, enchanted thorium might be a challenge as the chestpiece recipe is no longer available, but enquiring of a blacksmith who played pre-TBC might generate you some luck.

          Regarding the rest of the content, I’m unsure of what you find so extreme and I’m also unsure of exactly what you do consider to be a viable set, given that we basically cover everything except for PvP gear. Our aim when we first commenced work on this site was to show images of the boe uncommon quality sets between levels 1-60, which often go overlooked as you usually only find one piece and then sell/shard/discard it. It’s these sets which make up the bulk of the ‘Stylish’ selections. Are they a challenge? Sure, you might have to pick at the Auction House for two weeks to find all of the pieces, but it is viable and I’ve gathered a multitude of them myself.

          Beyond our original BoE sets, we cover tier sets, a few vendor sets (although they’re not viable for would-be transmogrifiers), raid sets, 5-player sets and crafted sets. There’s really not much more to WoW than that. We’re not here to play dress up, we’re here to show people what IS out there, as more often than not people don’t see the complete picture.

        • ironyca says:

          Adding to Noelani’s comment, we are simply not able to gather everything here and show all of this gear on our own characters due to time constraints vs the scope of what we try to do.
          I know Kirina has done a lot of work gathering her own sets and showing them on her website, which may sound like something that appeals to you more than our site, which IS modelviewer based.
          It should also be added that there are a certain line of sets that Noelani is currently testing to obtainability of. Wowhead is vague about the source of them, and even giving an explanation to how you get them is an essay in itself. So no, it’s not just pulling files from Modelviewer. More often it’s using modelviewer and wowhead interlinked. Every file we use in Modelviewer is looked up in Wowhead to check on its status.

          We may be doing dress up, but we do our best to give a short assessment of how easily you can get some sets. Both me and Noelani have been able to collect several sets browsing the AH alone, and I recently saw a post by a blogger who had gathered the silver-thread cloth set (green world BoE) by farming a low level dungeon. Collecting BoE world drop sets are tricky for us to estimate the difficulty of, it may be easy depending on your server’s economy and population, or it may not, luck plays a big part in it too.

    • Lin says:

      Are you certain it’s no longer obtainable? From what I understand, you need the Top/Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing I to make the quest piece for the chest plans. I don’t see anything on Wowhead that claims it’s obsolete..unless I’m overlooking. :/ I’m on WRA and trying to find a blacksmith to make it, but no luck so far.

      • Aeidon of Wymrest Accord (US) says:

        @Lin: If you still haven’t found a blacksmith, contact Aeidon (horde) or Makaio (alliance). I’m on WRA and have the patterns on my blood elf paladin. If you provide the mats, I’ll gladly make you any of the enchanted thorium pieces for free.

    • Elise says:

      I’ve been able to collect a similar set from TBC quest rewards and the crafted chestpiece.

      It took me 30 minutes looking over reputable guilds on my realm over armory for someone to craft the chest, 1 1/2 hour to quest myself to the other different pieces and another hour to collect all the materials for the chest.

      Overall, I managed to complete it in just a few hours.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone suggest a set of silver shoulders small as possible would really like to use this as dps set for transmog but shoulders just seem way to big

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kaylaan’s Spaulders (Ally Quest reward) is an exact replica of the Lofty shoulders should you have trouble finding those.

    Baleheim Epaulets are a smaller, more rounded, plate shoulder alternative – http://www.wowhead.com/item=36313 . The gold border on them doesn’t truely match the more orange of the Enchanted Thorium or the Sunscale, but most of the colors of this mix don’t truely match, nor would it really matter much once in game. The model viewer is much crisper on the details.

    • Trev says:

      Kaylaan’s Spaulders are actually an Aldor quest reward from a quest chain out of Area 52 in the Netherstorm. The information on wowhead is incorrect. My Blood Elf Paladin got them today.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sorry never saw this reply, if you read the comments on WoWhead the quest can not be completed. There is mention of having the quest via the required books, and also having the books in a guild vault that are used to initiate the quest. The NPCs were removed, they are required to actually pursue the quest. There is mention upon obtaining the quest they simply vanish from a player’s quest log.

  8. Zyliros says:

    A passable replacement to the chest would be the http://www.wowhead.com/item=31720 which is a quest reward from Hellfire Penn., should getting the chestpiece be virtually impossible.

  9. Kaiserin says:

    There is an exact copy of the gloves you can find cheaply at Acherus Hold for 50 silver. Bone-Plated Gauntlets, and they can be bought by *anyone* (not just death knights.) Will save you some big cash if you’re buying from AH.

  10. Kaiserin says:

    Also, I have found people on MoonGuard, both sides that can make any of this set. Feel free to contact me and I’ll pass on their names (with permission.)

  11. Khendra says:

    Found a really friendly blacksmith in Aman’thul who crafts those; Praeses

    Took few hours of asking around but not impossible ^_^

  12. Elenwyn says:

    Anyone on Stormscale-EU able to craft this? Please contact Elenwyn in game.

  13. Rabbit says:

    Ive found an alternate shoulder option swiftsteel shoulders…. anyone find a good helm or one hand weap

  14. Tryande says:

    Lion’s Heart Girdle from Heroic Hellfire Ramparts goes well as a belt for this set, drops quite often

  15. desec says:

    http://www.wowhead.com/item=30381 same shoulder style, aldor quest in netherstorm

  16. Vinya says:

    I am on Feathermoon, horde, and can make this set plus the swiftsteel shoulders for those who want them. Send me an ingame note with mats and I’ll make em.
    I love this set, I’ve have had the enchanted thoruim in my bank a very long time. I love you found matching pieces for I despired of actually matching antyhing with it. I do wish plate had a belt like the Ornate mail one. The lines of these leggings about the waist is very eye-catching and any other belt hides it.

    • Thummum says:

      Swiftsteel shoulders are bind on pickup crafted, so you can’t have them unless you are a blacksmith who makes them for yourself.

  17. endersblade says:

    Durahan, Alliance DK on Perenolde. I can make the Enchanted Thorium set. Contact me in game and have the mats, and I’ll make them.

  18. Karat says:

    Has anybody discovered boots that are not dropped off a rare spawn achivement NPC? lol

  19. Vinya says:

    This sword from Sunwell Plateau looks amazing with it.
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=34214 (Muramasa) and this shield might work as well http://www.wowhead.com/item=28754# from Karazhan.

    I like the exalted Epaulets http://www.wowhead.com/item=14981 and Exalted Gauntlets http://www.wowhead.com/item=14976 with the set. Makes it more black with gold which goes with belt suggested above.

  20. Kaiserin says:

    Exact same copy of the leggings is obtained via Outland questing from Ruuan Weald (or however you spell it.)

    Inkling’s Leggings – http://www.wowhead.com/item=31519

    Should save you all that trouble at least of finding the pants. It seems to be a neutral quest as well, available to Horde or Alliance.

  21. Kaiserin says:

    I’ve pretty much completed this set for my worgen warrior, however, the Lofty Shoulderpads on a female furry are -very- large and bulky, and really don’t make the set look quite as good IMHO. I substituted a BC green for them instead, Shattered Hand something-or-another, 65-70 in level, and they nice and small, rounded shoulderpads. As for the belt, I have had no luck for that, and I found that the Rethban belt works great for it (Cata belt, green, like level 78) or the Belt of Might (warrior, level 60 belt) looks gorgeous. She looks stunning now. πŸ™‚ Good luck to all of you pursuing(sp?) this look!

  22. Aurora Nova says:

    the Sunscale Belt offered here is really too bright a shade of gold to match well with the gold of the other pieces.
    I suggest Lofty Belt (http://www.wowhead.com/item=14927) instead.

    or, if you’re not looking for transmog, the leather Robust Girdle (http://www.wowhead.com/item=15120)

  23. Kaiserin says:

    Delenea and Highcastle can make the breastplate on Moon Guard-Alliance side. Not sure about the pants though.

  24. Thummum says:

    http://www.wowhead.com/item=19051 or http://www.wowhead.com/item=21692 is the perfect belt for this set. http://www.wowhead.com/npc=19517#, Alorra in the Sanctum of the Stars in Shadowmoon Valley is wearing it with this set, along with some lovely gloves that don’t exist in game.

  25. Joanna says:


    I have some very very very tasteful alternatives for hard to fill slots! (Matter of fact I’m suprised no one mentioned it before)

    Judgement Belt http://www.wowhead.com/item=16952

    Noble Plate Pauldrons http://www.wowhead.com/item=31819

    1. Ancient Skeletal Boots http://www.wowhead.com/item=50772

    2. Wrathful Gladiator’s Greaves of Triumph http://www.wowhead.com/item=51363

    I have the Grim Sabatons but somehow I prefer these 2 over the sabatons.

  26. Karat says:

    I gave up on the boots (lol) but found some others that match nicely, as well as shoulders, gloves, and a belt -not the one pictured. I dont have the item #’s atm, but will post them later in case anyone is interested.


  27. endersblade says:

    I found the perfect sword to match this. The only problem is, the sword is a MH weapon, and all swords it seems now are 1H. So as of right now, it won’t work (unless you’re low level, and applying this to the BoA MH sword), but I’m holding out hope that Blizzard will fix this in the future.


  28. taeles says:

    Awesome outfit, I’ve been determined to find anything anywhere in game that would be a suitable belt. Requirements for my search? It has to leave that waistline as untouched as possible. I’ll post again if anything else turns up but here is one alternative :


    The screenshots on wowhead don’t do it justice, look for it in atlas loot ingame.

  29. drkcarebear says:

    i loved this set so much but had to put my own spin on it here is my pally think she looks good


  30. Aurora Nova says:

    Oh yay, it’s finally up here! When I built an enchanted thorium outfit for a friend of mine, I could not find this entry.

    I used lofty belt for the waist,
    and gauntlets of the iron tower for the gloves.

  31. My version – on a female BE (the cloak looks horrid on anything else…)

    Click on my name for the link

  32. Kikora says:

    For the enchanted thorium breastplate and leggings, you’ll have to find a blacksmith with the pattern since getting the pattern is no longer in game.

  33. Mitsuko says:

    The set also looks good without the belt. I have a blood elf that i couldn’t get the belt on, and i do say, it does look good without it. <3

  34. Ravenheart says:

    Personally I find that Muramasa goes perfect with this set, and if you are a Warrior the Tier 2 belt as well. I used alternate shoulders and gloves as well. Hope you enjoy.


  35. […] begs to differ. Β They’ve identified that the Grim Sabotons (a drop off a rare spawn in Terrokar Forest) […]

  36. Arrica says:

    I’ve pieced together a setup based upon this, for my warrior, that I’m quite fond of:

    Beyond the obvious Enchanted Thorium Breastplate/Leggings, I have used the following:

    Stormforged Gauntlets

    Stormforged Shoulders

    Grim Sabatons

    Black Steel Bindings

    Imperial Plate Belt

    Triptych Shield of the Ancients

    The Horseman’s Sinister Slicer

    I’m particularly fond of the sword. I’m not the biggest fan of oversized weapons that clearly look like they could never be wielded with two hands, much less one, yet are considered one-handed weapons. I love the scrollwork on the blade, and how it matches with the scrollwork on the armor.


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