Slayer’s Armor


Slayer’s Armor
Rogue Tier 6

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP token purchases and boss drops from Outland raids
Availability: Time consuming to farm and will require assistance

How to get the set:
The Slayer’s Armor, as with other Tier 6 sets, is unusual in the fact that the bracers, belts and boots were added later than the rest of the set (when Sunwell Plateau arrived in patch 2.4), and have a completely different appearance to the earlier tier pieces, which are purchased using tokens from Black Temple and the Battle for Mount Hyjal.

The Slayer’s belt, bracers and boots visually match the Sunwell Rogue Set, but thankfully there are pieces for these slots matching the rest of T6, listed in the ‘Extras’ section below.

The following list highlights the source of each tier token, which may used to buy the related armor pieces from Tydormu, just inside the entrance to Hyjal Summit in the Caverns of Time.

Head TokenHelm of the Forgotten Vanquisher (BoP drop from Archimonde in Hyjal Summit, at a 66% drop rate)
Shoulder TokenPauldrons of the Forgotten Vanquisher (BoP drop from Mother Shahraz in Black Temple, at a 66% drop rate)
Chest TokenChestguard of the Forgotten Vanquisher (BoP drop from Illidan Stormrage in Black Temple, at a 68% drop rate)
Glove TokenGloves of the Forgotten Vanquisher (BoP drop from Azgalor in Hyjal Summit, at a 70% drop rate)
Leg TokenLeggings of the Forgotten Vanquisher (BoP drop from The Illidari Council in Black Temple, at a 70% drop rate)


WristsInsidious Bands (BoP drop from Teron Gorefiend in Black Temple, at a 16% drop rate)
WaistShadow-Walker’s Cord (BoP drop from Shade of Akama in Black Temple, at a 17% drop rate)
FeetBlack Featherlight Boots (BoP drop from Kaz’rogal in Hyjal Summit, at an 18% drop rate)

Sunwell Tier Pieces:
These do not match the above items. See Sunwell Rogue Set for items matching the following tier pieces.

Bracer TokenBracers of the Forgotten Vanquisher (BoP drop from Sathrovarr the Corruptor (Kalecgos))
Belt TokenBelt of the Forgotten Vanquisher (BoP drop from Brutallus)
Boot TokenBoots of the Forgotten Vanquisher (BoP drop from Felmyst)


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11 Responses to “Slayer’s Armor”

  1. Lacko says:

    I think the “Belt of Slithering Serpents” (High Priest Venoxis – ZG) would look better than the blue looking belt from Shade of Akama

    • Gagger says:

      Okay, got some more suggestions:

      1. Raptor hide belt
      2. Strapping belt
      3. Belt of the pitiless killer (probably my favorite)

  2. Gagger says:

    Too bad the belts color patterns don’t fit the set. If you ask me “Belt of Slithering Serpents” doesn’t fit either. Bloodfang Belt looks okay in my opinion – try it out.

    • endersblade says:

      Yep, Bloodfang is what I ultimately ended up with. Granted, my rogue is a gnome, so it’s a toss up whether or not people would even notice it, or would notice it too much. Really annoying that the set pieces match the PvP set instead, the entire tier’s sets do that. What the heck were they thinking?

  3. jrod says:

    The Blade of Infamy matches perfectly with this set in my opinion. it drops of Anetheron in Battle For Hyjal. he is the second boss in there.

  4. Tom N. says:

    I used this set and added the hood of rampant disdain form firelands. Looks epic

  5. Dale says:

    its better to use the offset for this set in my opinion since the belt matches,, the legs are the pvp legs, but unfortunatly they are the only legs that match the set using the headpiece The cloak that I would suggest is new mists of pandaria, but the cloaks from black temple and sunwell dont match

  6. Nícjel says:

    Another good weapon that’ll go good with the set is a dagger called the Parachute Cord Slicer. It’s a rogue item given within the first few quests of Jade Forest sadly though. But the colors match oh so well.

  7. Peter North says:

    simple wicked leather belt is best for this set

  8. McBayn says:

    Is There a recolor / off set for this tier?
    Like most of the other Tier 6.

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