Bonescythe Armor


Bonescythe Armor
Rogue Tier 3

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 60
Source: Black Market AH, formerly Old Naxxramas
Availability: Costly and time consuming to obtain

How to get the set:

The Bonescythe set was once available from Naxxramas, when it was situated in Eastern Plaguelands. However, in Patch 3.0.2, the WotLK content patch, the items were removed from the game. The set made its return in Mists of Pandaria, where it can be purchased from the Black Market Auction House, but it is very expensive and can take many days for all of the items to become available.

Note that the T3 sets were the only ones to have included a ring, which, whilst not visible without inspection, has a certain status to it, given that it dropped from the original Kel’Thuzad.

Recolors (Rogue only):


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