Gilnean Recruit’s Set


Gilnean Recruit’s Set

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 1
Source: Starter Gear
Availability: Very easy to obtain

How to get the set:
This set is the starter gear for Worgen Warriors, and is therefore easily obtained if you have access to that particular race.

There happens to be a mailbox right next to the spawn point for new Worgen characters, so it’s easy to disrobe and mail off your new mail set, should you have another character in mind for this outfit.

ChestGilnean Recruit’s Tunic
WaistGilnean Recruit’s Belt
LegsGilnean Recruit’s Pants
FeetGilnean Recruit’s Boots

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3 Responses to “Gilnean Recruit’s Set”

  1. Leaf says:

    Sorry, but this set is /white/ and can therefore not be used in transmogrification.

    • Ironyca says:

      We have a few sets that are not moggable on the site because we started out as roleplay gear only site. Now with mogging, we’re taking that into consideration too, but we don’t intend to leave the roleplay side of things behind (hence our url), so some sets we show here will indeed not be moggable.

  2. Darksage says:

    I so wish we could transmog this set. Some of the nicer looking black pieces out there. *cry*

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