Green Feathered Wildhammer


Green Feathered Wildhammer

Armor Type: Cloth/Leather/Mail
Level Req.: 62
Source: BoE world drops, BoP instances drops, crafted items
Availability: Difficult to obtain with several rare-spawn drops

How to get the set:

The items of this set are split between BoE world drops, BoP instance drops and a crafted item.

We recommend regularly checking the Auction House for the BoE’s before committing yourself to farming for them, as you’ll need to grind your way through several dungeons to get the BoP parts.

Note that this outfit is not transmogrifiable.

HeadBloomsprout Headpiece (BoP drop from Meshlok the Harvester, a rare-spawn in Maraudon, at a 28% drop rate)
ShouldersThick Scale Shoulder Pads (BoE world drop from creatures in the 29-36 level range)
ChestWildthorn Mail (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 270+ skill with Plans: Wildthorn Mail)
WristsGreen Linen Bracers (Crafted by tailors of 60+ skill)
GlovesMistyreed Gloves (BoE world drop from Outland zones/instances)
WaistFeathered Waistband (BoE drop from Okrek, a rare-spawn in Terokkar Forest)
LegsInfernal Trickster Leggings (BoP from Lord Vyletongue in Maraudon, at a 33% drop rate)
FeetVinerot Sandals (BoP from Razorlash in Maraudon, at a 24% drop rate)

One-Handed MaceGurubashi Punisher (BoE drop from trash mobs in Zul’Gurub)

Alternative Appearance:

The following extras can be seen in the image to the right
HeadTracker’s Headband (BoE world drop from creatures in the 40-57 level range)
LegsForestwalker Kilt (BoP drop from Nexus-Prince Shaffar in Mana-Tombs heroic, at a 27% drop rate)


The following items are identical to the Tracker’s Headband worn by the female dwarf:
HeadFeathermoon Headdress (BoE world drop from creatures in level 60 raid instances)
HeadHeaddress of the Sleeper (BoE world drop from Outland creatures in the 60-65 level range)


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  1. Suzume says:

    There actually IS a chestpiece for this set:

  2. Dunar says:

    Love this set…
    But would be great if we can get the kilt version for the legs.
    Do you guys know if there is a good alternative for that?


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