Feathered Wildhammer


Feathered Wildhammer

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 63
Source: BoE world drops, crafted items, quest rewards
Availability: Challenging to perfect, but many pieces are easily obtained

How to get the set:
A wide mixture sources provide the items which combine to make the Feathered Wildhammer outfit, and whilst most are easy to get, some may take considerable time.

For the easier bits, all of the profession crafted items are from trainer recipes, so they shouldn’t be any trouble to obtain. On the slightly more challenging side are the BoE drops, some of which are from rare spawns. Browsing the Auction House is your best bet in hunting these items down.

The most scarce piece of the set is the footwear, a 1.6% drop chance contained within a reward bag for the quest The Outcast’s Plight and its repeatable follow-up More Feathers, given by Vekax in Shattrath City. The downside to this, beyond the low drop rate, is that the quests may only be completed up to Honored reputation level with Lower City, at which point you would have to try again on another character if still chasing the boots.

If the boots prove too difficult to get, there is an alternative listed at the bottom of this article, which matches the pants in colour.

HeadVanguard Headdress (BoE world drop from creatures in the 50-60 level range)
ShouldersGrunt’s Pauldrons (BoE world drop from 20-27 creatures, primarily in Ashenvale and Blackfathom Deeps)
ChestFeathered Breastplate (Crafted by Leatherworkers of 250+ skill)
GlovesRaven’s Claws (BoE drop from Ravenclaw Regent a rare spawn in Silverpine Forest, at a 40% drop rate)
WaistFeathered Belt (BoE from Okrek a rare spawn in Terokkar Forest, at a 24% drop rate)
LegsSimple Linen Pants (Crafted by tailors of 1+ skill)
FeetDreadhawk’s Schynbald (BoE contained in Outcast’s Cache, a reward from Lower City reputation quests in Shattrath City, at a 1.6% drop rate)

WeaponBronze Warhammer (Crafted by Blacksmiths of 125+ skill)

HeadFlesh Handler’s Headpiece (BoP reward from the quest Arconus the Insatiable in Netherstorm)
WaistMighty Girdle (BoE world drop from 50-60 level creatures)
FeetSimple Linen Boots (Crafted by tailors of 20+ skill)


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4 Responses to “Feathered Wildhammer”

  1. Elsanya says:

    A few notes on this set:

    – Vanguard Headdress is a plate piece. For those playing a Shaman (or a Hunter), like I am, pick up the Flesh Handler’s Headpiece instead.

    – The Ravenclaw Regent can no longer be found in the game, meaning that Raven’s Claws are gone unless someone held on to the item. I saw a suggestion to use Nexus-Strider Gloves and Nexus-Strider Bracers as a replacement, not bad.

    – The Nexus-Strider Breastplate and the Stormsong Kilt can be used to make this into a complete mail-only set:


    Good hunting!

  2. Seal says:

    I also found the Sacred Feather Vest (http://www.wowhead.com/item=28050/sacred-feather-vest) has the same model and colour as the chest-piece here if you can not wear mail!

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