Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 70
Source: Crafted items, reputation purchases and BoE drop
Availability: Mostly easy to obtain

How to get the set:
Half of the items in this set are crafted, two by tailors and one piece by jewelcrafters, and should be widely accessible. If you find this particular headpiece to be inaccessible, there are numerous other options which would work equally well, as listed here: Monocles.

There are three off-hands sharing the appearance pictured above. The first is available to both factions, but has a lower drop rate. As such, we’ve listed an Alliance-only and Horde-only lookalike as alternatives.

The chestpiece is essentially a recolour of the Black Mageweave Set, although with a slight twist. This piece, unlike the Mageweave, has sleeves, making it a unique model. It can be obtained from a vendor at revered reputation with The Consortium faction.

HeadJeweler’s Amber Monocle (Crafted by Jewelcrafters of 460+ skill)
ChestStormspire Vest (Vendor purchase at Revered reputation level with The Consortium)
WaistStarfire Sash (BoE world drop from Outland creatures)
LegsTuxedo Pants (Item created by tailors of 245+ skill)
FeetDress Shoes (Created by tailors of 250+ skill)
Off-HandFire Runed Grimoire (BoP drop from Garr, Magmadar, Baron Geddon and Golemagg in Molten Core, at a low drop rate)

Alternative Off-hands:
Off-HandVenomous Tome (Alliance only! BoP vendor purchase from Miles Sidney in Stormwind)
Off-HandOut-of-Date Manual (Horde only! Quest reward from Read the Manual in Northern Barrens)

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  1. Sulth says:

    Gloves? XD

  2. Thalisa says:

    I would suggest the Darkbind Fingers for the optional gloves – also adds sleeves to it.

  3. Smallpox says:

    Any advices to change the Off-Hand as it’s only for alliance players and i’m horde 🙁

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