Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 1
Source: Tailored items and a daily quest drop
Availability: Easily obtained

How to get the set:
The clothing for this set is easily obtained, as the Tuxedo outfit can be crafted by Tailors of 250 plus skill, with widely available recipes. It’s worth noting that alternative to the tailored set, there is also a seasonal outfit of the same appearance, the Spring Tuxedo, available during Noblegarden. This set does not have a jacket, however.

The monocle presented here is found only in Outland fishing reward bags, and although it does not bind when picked up, it may cost a lot on the Auction House. Whilst this version is undoubtedly the most suitable for a Nobleman by name, there are a number of alternatives for appearance, one of which is listed at the bottom.

HeadNoble’s Monocle (Contained within Bag of Fishing Treasures from Outland fishing daily quests)
ChestTuxedo Jacket (Created by tailors of 250+ skill)
ShirtTuxedo Shirt (Created by tailors of 240+ skill)
LegsTuxedo Pants (Created by tailors of 245+ skill)
FeetDress Shoes (Created by tailors of 250+ skill)

Alternative Head:
HeadChief Architect’s Monocle (BoP from Fineous Darkvire in Blackrock Depths, at a 21% drop rate)

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6 Responses to “Nobleman”

  1. Ryo says:

    is white stuff available for transmog ?

  2. Carrock says:

    What about the crystal staff and a couple of rings for flash? 🙂

    This is a very nice bankalt set..

  3. Tom says:

    Is there any good hats that go with this?

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